Identification error

can’t connect to any server, even my own, despite the fact that I enter the correct password on my own. I reinstalled the game, Windows defender does not swear at the game… What should I do?

And a couple more problems in the gameplay, arrows hang in the air not reaching a centimeter to a deer or a rhinoceros or an NPC, arrows fly to nowhere, and every projectile is important to me, do something about it…

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You can brute force your way in by being persistent trying to connect to server (no need to restart software each time) after each fail, it should eventually let in you until funcom does something about it.

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Same here , can’t conect on all server … echec authentification all time

Тоже не могу

same here tbh iam fed up with it being hit or miss getting in this game there is always a reason that i get dc cant get in after several attempts and everthing in between can u plz sort out your existing game before patching it with a load more problems
cheers off to lord of the rings online

The following forum posting also refers:

Всегда получалась заходить. После последнего обновления пишет “ошибка идентификации”. Переустановка игры проблемы не решила. Нет возможности зайти ни на один сервер.

I was always able to get in. After the last update, there is an “identification error”. Reinstalling the game did not solve the problem. Can’t access any server.

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The thing is that we are trying to log in for the hundredth time and does not let me, even on my own server, the day of the time I paid for flew up the ass…It’s a shame… I want to play this game, not watch time drip…

Pop on over to the Conan Exiles Discord and see latest updates there - though same as in here. You can try again and again like so many others and get in and play, or not. But until the issue with some of the authentication servers is resolved, connecting will remain an issue. People can either keep trying or not. Once in, I am having no other issues - nor are the others on the server.

funcom: oh lets make money with more new content, new buyable shit, new cosmetics, and new lore. who care about community
the game: glitches a lot, server unstable, connection problems, hackers everywhere, literally dying

It would seem the RADIUS server that handles authentication at FunCom has crashed or is malfunctioning. That would explain why it is so hard to authenticate. Don’t bother to uninstall, reinstall or verify. Don’t go deleting caches or anything. It’s a waste of time and it won’t solve this issue. Keep re-trying if you’re desperate to get on, it might work, it might not. This has to be resolved at FunCom by FunCom staff.

The problem (at least with Steam version) is still not solved at all, and the decay timer is ticking more and more loudly, isn’t it?
Will it be disabled until the problem is reliably fixed?

Bonsoir, avec la nouvelle application “BattlEye” je ne peux me connecter à aucun serveur! J’ai à plusieurs reprises désinstallé BattlEye, réinstallé mon jeux et relancé mon PC mais sans succès. Le problème serait il lié à Windows 11! Merci de m’informer de la marche à suivre pour enfin pouvoir rejouer.

Заходи в одиночную игру, там через ESC нажми помощь, репорт на работу официальные сервера - и репорт на ошибку… исправят, мне так исправили и мужу тоже, не знаю как сейчас у остальных

Go into a single-player game, press help there via ESC, report to the official servers - and report to the error… they will fix it, they fixed it for me and my husband too, I don’t know how the others are now

Hello Everyone,

If you are still experiencing issues accessing the game, please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to help you out further.

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