Idle and active states for workbenches and thralls

It always annoyed me that my blacksmith(s) are hammering away at something even though they aren’t manufacturing anything.

Since the furnace lights up once you start it, I would love to see an addition like this for the thralls.
Perhaps also add some visuals that things are being processed at the other workstations.

It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular and I think you don’t really need to create new animations since they exist via emotes or by interacting with furniture.

Just off the top of my head:
Idle: Default sit position.
Active: Current animation.

Idle: Default guard thrall idle. Or perhaps arms crossed emote.
Active: Current animation.

Carpenter (On carpenter bench)
Idle: Same as blacksmith
Active: Current animation.

Idle: Same as blacksmith
Active: Kneel down hand craft thingy which exists today.


Yeah, it would add more of a feel that the place is alive.

Also, would add a lot to the game if you could set fighter and archer thralls to patrol an area. And if you could assign pets to accompany the thrall while patrolling.

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