If you had to pick one actor to start playing Conan in a movie/show who would it be (no arnie or jason)

Man, no-one can be “black female Conan” any more than Grace Jones already was wayyyy back in 1984!


Grace Jones was a beast, but she could never be THE Conan. The legend of the Scythians included Amazonian warrior women who in their own right were Hero’s. This was based not only on Howards writings, but on historical fact, written down by Roman historians, stating that Scythian women would ride out and do battle alongside their men.


Excellent question.

I say a nobody.

Sometimes casting will gamble and reach out to unknown actors around the world. This brings opportunity to actors who normally can’t get a foot in the door because Brad Pitt or Will Smith have blocked the doorway (so to speak).

I’m confident that out there somewhere, there is a sack of walnuts with blue eyes and black hair who stands six foot tall, waiting to swing an axe in the name of violent entertainment.

Fingers crossed…


Relax dude. Not all roles in film need to be toxic toward masculinity.

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Rick Moranis! Anyone that can play Dark Helmet can play Conan.


My pick for the hairy barbarian😉

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Better question writer/director combo that could nail the idea of Conan.

1984 was spaghetti westerny, and really felt like a Conan world. Momoas was too “pretty and clean”, although an enjoyable popcorn flick.

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The part i loved about the one with Jason was he finally showed an un body builder conan, he was still jacked but not over jacked like arnie was, Conan’s a biiiig boy, but honestly i never picture the true conan to be Arnold’s size and that jacked

But your mention of what director to use is a good question i didnt think of, I cant even think of one right now

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Alejandro González Iñárritu would be a great director, but may kill all the actors lol.

I enjoyed Momoa’s as well, just the world was not grimy and barbaric enough aesthetically.

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Agreed, Conan always needs to have that background grimdark feel to it, I’m a huge warhammer fan and the grimdark setting can never be removed from those genres without massively mucking it up


You know something Zeb, you never cease to amaze me. Although he is not that well know in the entertainment industry, I have had this discussion numerous times in the past with friends, everywhere from gyms and pubs to the dinner table. And of all the names which have come up, Callum has still edged out the competition on each occasion. The fact he’s an Australian also makes him a popular choice here. +1 for Callum here.

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No joke, my assumption has been that Arnolds sons have been putting on muscle recently for one of them to take up the Conan mantle.

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When Arnold was elected Gouvernor of California, the response from his home country Austria was: “Great, maybe the US will now learn our country’s name and not confuse it with Australia anymore.”

Casting an Australian in his former role might revert any progress made there.

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100% Arnold… as he is now.

“King Conan” Do all later book stuff as him as older self. I’d fork out money for it instantly. XD

As for other actors? Who ever did CE commercials fit part.

To me… Its ether Arnold… or it has to be a Unknown for me to accept it as anyone else.
All I saw was Jason M… I kinda avoided the movie, outside small viewing of it on TV… and was disappointed.

If they were to do TV series (which was rumored to be in works, base on short stories…) Ya, Some unknown Guy, bronze skin… let him have a go at it.
Anyone famous would likely try and make it there own thing… and ruin it.

How about Sergi Constance? He played Zeus in Zach Snyder’s Justice League. tumblr_73798a0138dc0c9319ad8c2095b9869e_01eb2d29_540

ok ok … let’s see …

  1. Take all the actors mentioned in this post.
  2. throw them on a desert island naked
  3. come back in 6 months and we’ll talk about it again

OK? :rofl:


@GullTopp , If you’ll pay them enough they will do it. Have no doubt about it. I know that European cinema do not have the Hollywood budget but what Hollywood actors some times going through is unspeakable. So count on it if you pay them enough they would do it without second thoughts :wink:

You know…I’m actually ok with this choice

@stelagel how they say over there already?
business is business? :rofl: maybe one day Gamer or Ultimate game next where you live will become real… Or not…with all these probable future…
@Achillesroar I think you’re right the trolls should be well represented :rofl: :ok_hand: