Ii have a bug or a glitch with my game I try to build something and the game keeps destroying it I have a video here to show it

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I haven’t seen this before. Can you make a repair hammer and check the stability of the pieces that you are trying to place it against. I noticed you are building in the air with pillars. It’s likely a stability issue. You cannot build against anything that has a 20 or lower stability.

Check to see if its strong enough. The game will normally prevent you from placing part there, sometimes it’ll let you.
I’ve had this a few times on ps4, Switch building parts and going back will often re trigger it.

It usually goes away.

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Everything is above 50 noting is below 50

I found a solution I have to put a foundation where the game keeps destroying the piece so I got it solved. But it’s better to let other players know about this too

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Pillars are known for not being particularly reliable when building on top of them with no additional reinforcement. Use foundations (as you found out) to increase stability and avoid possible issues like the one you reported.
Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

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