Illogical menues

Hey… Ive been trying to get into this game, but ive reached a point where i cant do it anymore. everytime i try to play it i never find my way into the character, its like they dont want people to play. Combo system is more like a random system, half of the combos i execute CORRECTLY doesnt work so im forced to use the only reliable ones (the first ones I got without combosteps). Yesterday I was looking at my character in the selection menu and then poof i deleted my char without knowing… i try to make a new one but when i selected a dark mage i end up on the beach being the thief class. That was the last drop. Is it me being stupid or is the game completely out of standard? Im from the states so im not stupid, i know my english.

a) In order to delete a character you have to click the small skull to the lower left of the class icon AND you have to enter your password on an interface that says: type password to confirm you want to delete your character.
b) In character selection I have found if you change the RACE you want to make then it can change off the CLASS you had selected to a different one. This is probably what happened…eg selected Stygian - Demonologist but then change to Khitain …you may find that the class is no longer on Demonologist but defaulted to something else. But when you take the final step in character creation just before you spawn into the game that the game asks you: are you sure you want to make x race with x class on x server.
c) Combos with multi-steps: (most of this is explained in the ingame help menu under Combat)
i) There is a time limit on how long you take to execute all the arrow keys in order to get through to the combo finisher. THIS is not mentioned in the help manual.
ii) When you press the combo, this is the combo starter and the icon for the combo with the arrows keys you have to hit with a timer flashing on the first arrow you have to activate. When you hit that arrow key it will either flash green or red and then it will move to the next arrow in the list. And a timer will start flashing on the next arrow key. Sometimes it is generous (eg 3 sec) other times it is shorter.
Green flash means you managed to make contact with the enemy.
Red flash means that you did not make contact with the enemy but have pressed the correct key in time. When you have pressed all the arrow keys in the right order and WITHIN the time limit, then you will perform the combo finisher.
iv) Some combos finishers can be interrupted, some can not… so if you are doing a combo finisher and jump, double tap, run forward you MIGHT interrupt your combo finisher animation and hence not complete it. Now THIS is NOT always a bad thing as in some fights you do want to be able to react quickly and breaking your combo to react to a cast/boss ability is needed. It just needs to be gotten used to.

I love the melee combo system in this game. It allows you to execute abilities mid-combo …such as cast hellfire breath on hox mid-combo to inflict more damage. Or use irritate in the middle of the combo. It allows you to move mid-combo and still finish the combo if within the timer for it…eg enemy starts a frontal knockback cast and you can run around to his back to avoid it and STILL finish your combo on him. Or to “pre-load” a combo as you are running towards or away from an enemy.

But I do acknowledge it is apparently very different from most melee combo systems out there so has a learning curve. Practice … if it’s too hard to try and kill an enemy with them …then stand in a quiet place with no one around and just practice the combo and steps against air until you understand how they work.


Thanks alot, you’re the hero I dont deserve! that cleared up alot of questionmarks. I must have missunderstood the delete character thing, I vaguely remember typing in my password thinking I would enter the character… my bad

For now I enjoy playing the Thief class, i enjoy sneaking around tortage and look at people that have no clue im there staring at them, so I wont go back to the dark mage. Another thing Im wondering about is the difficulty of the game. The way im slaughtering the mobs with my blunt in one blow is making me think that I will finish the game quickly. It might be because ive been playing wow for so long and kinda skip the learningcurve. Whats your opinion on difficulty in aoc?

Its difficult for me to compare how difficult AoC is to other MMOs as I only play this one.
I have found every class has more to it than meets the eye in order to get the best out of it or to be successful/helpful in the end game.
As you are levelling: you are probably going to find only pulling the number you can kill to be the key to learn …how to separate them, not get ambushed by pathers, how to deal with a mix of melee and ranged npcs coming at you together …

You may get to level 80 (level cap) pretty fast but there is a lot to do when you reach the level cap if you seek it out. I find the endgame six mans and raids fun as they push you to react quickly to mechanics. If you learn why things happen then you can learn improvisations that will stop wipes from happening.
Considering how many raid groups fail to clear the raids from tier three and up …and how Funcom has had to decrease the difficulty of the t3, t3.5 and t4 several years after they have been on “farm” for many guilds and PuGs to allow more groups to clear them …and people still can’t succeed at them …well I guess it’s not that easy.


Difficulty scales and at lower levels the game is not designed to present challenging enemies because you haven’t yet learned how to play the class or have all the available skills but when you do get all the tools then it gets really challenging.