Lost almost all combos and hostile spells

I’m a long time player and I’m having a problem with one of my characters. A level 21 Bear Shaman. I lost connection to the server earlier today and when I got back into the game almost all of my combos and hostile spells are gone from the spells/combo tab in the gui. relogging, and restarting my desktop didn’t help. I tried deleting my gui folder and using patcher.exe, but the problem is still there. If I don’t hear back from anyone I guess the next step is to reinstall the game, but I think the problem is server side. Whatch ya all think?

Can’t you just drag them back from the combos and spells pages? :thinking:

That is one of the strangest bugs I’ve ever heard of in six years.

Is it a custom GUI? Maybe reload that (it updated, drivers got fooed), I don’t know I use the standard GUI.

Or unlock/lock combos with ctrl-L and as Yawgmoth suggested, put them back in place.

Good luck, never had this happen- with my old PC I’d lose connection often and never once did my bars get lost. Strange.

They just don’t show at all on the combo menu. I only have one combo that shows, crush armor II. On the spells menu all my friendly spells are there, but only one hostile spell, ursine crush. I do have one combo on my hotbar, internal bleed but it doesn’t show on the combo menu. I am using Strange UI, but had the same problem when I tried the default one. I guess I could delete the character, but I don’t really want to bring another one up even though it’s pretty fast. I’ve been playing this game off and on since release and I’ve never seen a problem like it, custom ui or default. Thanks for the replies guys.

Decided to just delete the character

there is “Show only highest rank in spellbook” option in UI, make sure to uncheck it

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Aren’t there several pages in the combo menu? Sometimes there is only one combo on the 2nd page since the first one is full but only one shows on the 2nd page because you didn’t get any new ones.
So yeah, try getting to that first page, it’s at the top or the bottom I think.

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