Im locked in the room

I have several problems cropping up in the game I’m playing from steam platform first when i launch the game i cant click past the splash screen and cinematics then when i select play online and select a moded server it go to a mods mismatch page and starts downgliding mods for the server sometime it will say on a couple of the mod “wrong version” and i have to go to steam and unsubscribe the mod then return to the game and hit subscribe and update some time the game will loop here and start all over again but usually every thing goes fine until joining the game when it joins it doesn’t put me back where i left off it puts my character in a marble room with two portals that are locked and I have nothing in my inventory I’m trap in this room with no way out I’ve tried dyeing I’ve tried /home no go I’ve tried reinstalling the game three time I’ve tried verifying check my pc updates my directX anyone know what’s going on

Whew…okay. First: punctuation. This isn’t me being a grammar a-hole, it’s making your post comprehensible so that useful help/advice can be rendered. I think I understand what you’re asking for, so here goes.

You say you’re using mods, and you’re on PC. So it’s a private server. Mod mismatch can be either an incorrect mod version (as in, the server’s version is updated and yours isn’t, or vice-versa) or an incorrect mod order. The correct order of mods should be shown on the server select screen; look on the far bottom-right on your screen when the server is selected (but before clicking “join”). Make sure the load order of your mods matches the load order displayed for the server.

Given that this is a private server, someone owns & runs the thing and therefore has admin powers. Is one of the mods you use Pippi? If not, I highly recommend it; it grants admins all manner of useful abilities to streamline and simplify many things. Using Pippi, the admin can “summon” you to his location, instantly teleporting you from wherever you are to wherever he is. That might be the easiest way out of your current predicament.

You say your character isn’t where you left him; in that case, where did you leave him? In your base? Inside a dungeon? Someone else’s base? The wilderness? You describe a marble room with two locked portals; this sounds like a custom location. You may definitely need admin assistance.

I’m hoping I helped. If not (actually, whether I did or not): punctuation.


Ok I kinda see what your talking about but before I connect to the server I look at the widow to the right of the screen and scroll to the bottom where it shows the mods I understand that the order they should be loaded but it doesn’t show all the mods on the server for instance it shows Maybe 10 or 12 of the mods when the description says there are 20 mods on this server yes the server is using the pipi mod but I can’t get admin help because I can’t log into the server and use the chat to contact the admin as to the mod mismatch when there’s a mismatch I go to steam and unsubscribe the mod and in turn I try all the other versions of the mod none work

Does the server have any other way to contact the admins? Perhaps a Discord? (That seems pretty common for a lot of private servers) There should be some ‘out-of-game’ way to contact the server admins. If there’s a description that says ‘20 mods’ and you’re only seeing 10 or 12 that seems likely to be where the problem is - does that description offer any other information?


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