Im looking for a survival/building third person game where you can also recruit and have followers similar like conan exiles

I just cant find anything like conan exiles on ps5 or ps4, people always gave names like rust or scum, dayz
But only reason i like conan exiles is of the the thrall system, possibility to have guards and skill them. So they are not the same for me. No man sky is my second best game but only because it miss the recruitment system to have guards and followers. Anyone know a game where you have this and remember a third person.

I would wait for Dune survival game. It’s really close, maybe this year we get early access.

Edit: Dune is made by Funcom, similar to Conan Exiles.

V-rising isn’t on playstation. But seriously, this needs to be directed towards CE since we are in a CE forum. I don’t believe it will last moderators if we continue to discuss the competition unless it somehow points back to CE.


Aren’t we all! :joy:

The only reason Conan retains players through all the abuse they unleash on us is because they have zero competition. Conan has enough unique and compelling features to make it potentially an amazing game, but all that potential is pissed away thanks to the garbage company managing the game.


Ark survival evolved

OK F it.

Valheim is coming to Xbox and gamepass therein. CE has been on the gamepass for some time and so with this popular near clone on it’s way…What’s the plan to salvage those numbers?

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I’ve been looking for such a game as well. I have not found one.

Valheim has a good “viking era” theme, some construction ability, but its a player-only experience. No friendly NPCs (or at least, none that I’ve ever found).

Ark Survival Evolved has a good “Jurassic era” feel (with some sci-fi mixed in), some construction ability, but again, its a player-pet experience. No human NPCs (though there a a couple of mods that try to add something of that, but not very well).

So far, Conan Exiles has the superior base-building AND human NPC systems of all the games. Yes, the NPCs are ‘dumb as a box of rocks’, but you don’t even get that much with other games.

As for Dune: Awakening, I’m really hoping it has both base building and human NPC systems that are “Conan Exiles 2.0” (very improved and polished) as no other game has been able to do what Funcom achieved. And in Frank Herbert’s Dune setting, that makes it all the better (big fan of the Dune series).

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Lol Valheim is no where near a Conan Exiles clone.

They both have swords and a building system. Similarities pretty much end there.


We don’t know much about Dune yet, but I do not think it will be similar to Conan at all.

I do not think there will be any base building or something similar to Conan’s thrall system.

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Valhiem is an alright singleplayer game. But it will struggle with 2 in some cases and go crap more than that. Unfortunately its content is very small. Its like the 1-50 game in Conan, but somehow simpler. And then you’re done. I just did a playthrough of it not too long ago and got about 40 hours out of it.

Mods help it. But they don’t support mods enough to really get in there and change it up enough.

Its not bad for the price. But its not going to hold attention long.

Have you heard of Conan Exiles? It’s an open world sandbox survival game with a follower system, just what you’re looking for


Good luck trying to find one- ive tried. Its why im still here.

I am curious what turns you away from CE?
Bugs are annoying but can be avoided mostly. Official servers are trsh but there are private ones. Base content can’t suffice and UI sack, then there are always numerous content or QoL mods to choose from.
When you know how to play the game “right”, the game is perfect.

Oh, I forgot the AI… that can’t be helped…

Skyrim is the closest thing
With mods you can shape the world how you like it

Norse, midevil fantasy anything

Can have an entire army follow you and dress them how you like with 100s of options
And if your good i even had a calvary squad lol
Riding out my castle attacking cities behind me

The possibilities is endless for xbox
Playstation is more restricted

I, thoroughly, appreciate your humor.

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