Imiu got repossessed (PSA) -- other players can bonk/rope/steal your thralls


Imiu of Derketo stolen by Betty, another player on the server. :scream:

10-31 (Theft in progress by other player) - note how she’s still dancing in the rope

Theft complete

ETA: By this point I have recruited several thralls from other players. Interestingly – and I’ve only cooked one so far – although her outfit looks like it did when I captured her, she possesses only one armor item: epic heavy Shem sandals. Her steel knives reverted to stone daggers.

I am so confused by all of this…

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what i think he is trying to report is that other players are able to knock out & bind other people thralls and place them onto Wheels of pain and break them again … and then the ownership changes but the re-broken thrall does not retain all the armor or weapons they had on them.

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Thanks Kwalya, yeah I noted it down. I just thought it was funny thus my (admittedly) poor attempt of lighthearted humor. I blame it on being tired :slight_smile:

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I did not get that at all from what he wrote. I honestly had no idea what he was getting at.


I don’t think that Imiu understood what was happening either.
And yes I noted that it was way way past the time that you should be at home with your cats relaxing. Hopefully you did at least get a chance to have some dinner and can shut down the work computer and head home soon.

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Yeah that’s what I get for trying to be subtle. :wink:

This morning I’d only had it happen once, and I also thought it was interesting how the player’s name was in the Event Log. What I didn’t know then, but that I know now, is that I can enthrall any player’s already-trained and placed-in-the-world thralls. Put them in the wheel like normal and they come out with an appearance of wearing armor, but some pieces are in fact actually empty. The weapons they carry when they are subdued are not always the weapons with which they come out of the wheel.

:arrow_down: Vais 1, stolen from another player this morning. Newly-cooked Vais. Placed, she appears to be wearing red fiber clothes. She was bonked wearing the skelos garb plus Silent pieces that are on her body now. When I remove them and place them back on her (like the hood), the hood appears on her head in default colors, not red.
:arrow_down: Vais 2. Bonked and stolen from another player. She came out of the wheel with 4 heavy pieces “on,” but only cloth showing on her actual form.

To be clear, it is once again possible to knock out, wheel and steal other players’ thralls.

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I posted that this was possible in another thread, thanks for the evidence to support it. Unfortunately it happened to a friend so I had nothing to share.

How difficult is it to knock out a thrall that has already been broken before?

I noted that Barnes (OP) flagged this post as PvP, @pbcop82 is your friend also on a PvP server?

Yeah, I only play on Official PVP servers. I wasnt questioning whether it was possible. I knew that it was, I just didn’t have the photos to prove it. So I was thanking Barnes for posting his pics.

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Counting from my video recording, there are 3 Vais the Wayfaerers under my cudgel.
To capture another player’s Vais the Wayfaerer: 27 strikes with the top-modded steel truncheon. This includes recovery time.
My character Level: 55. 21 in STR

Control: Same-level character, same STR on Vanilla Private Server, admin spawn. Vais the Wayfaerer takes 21 heavy strikes with the T3-modded steel truncheon. She takes the same amount of hits when I own her too.


I think other players’ thralls are too easy to KO at the moment. As a test, what would happen if you had two identical fighters - one with a top tier truncheon, and one with a top tier weapon - fighting each other?

Would the one with the truncheon win? If so I think it needs to be balanced. It should be harder to steal another players thralls than to kill them.

Keeping in mind armor apparently has no effect on concussive/blunted weapons, and that every thrall with a sword can usually operate a truncheon very well, I chose to go with Berserkers. (As a counter-example, the Black Hand Captain uses a pike and is terrible with the truncheon.)

Equipped Cimmerian Berserker with Cimmerian Steel set. Took greatsword and gave him a top-modded steel truncheon.
Spawned Cimmerian Berserker in my Dojo.
Once engaged, the spawned Berserker almost instantly put five cripples and four sunders on my guy. My guy was unable to complete any combos, yet in 41 seconds the spawned Berserker was unconscious. My Berserker still had 3926HP out of 5130HP.

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Imiu is confused, so is LanguishViking

do the placed thralls fight back? e.g. if it’s off hours durign pvp can I knock them out then and do they fight back? A player on our server conveniently parked about 50 Cimmerian Berserkers in the open.

Outside of Raid Window, defensive thralls will not fight. They can’t be damaged or knocked unconscious. Just tested.


Since it has a special Event log entry, can we assume this is intentional?

I checked back with the team and this is indeed working as intended!


Well, Maybe you want to consider changing armor to reduce concussion damage as well?
Since at the moment high tier thralls are a lot easier to knock out then to kill.

Im gonna get me some Thralls and gear then from my neighbours.

I knocked out a few nuisance archers of a neighbor’s the other day… I thought this was intended behavior all along. I guess this is new.

That you can knock them out is old.
That you can rope and drag them to your wheel and take control over them, that is new.