Improve clan management


I would like it if it were possible to improve the clan system, adding diplomacy between clans. Especially I would like to improve the clan ranks can limit certain aspects to each range, as they did with the recruit rank that can not access the safes. and since we are suggesting that they add some real trading option between players and not with npcs because nobody really uses them. Excluding the npcs of pets. You can take an example of the pippi mods that let you add a seller that helps pve servers and could motivate more competitiveness between players.

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At least the categories within the clan must be improved. and respect that it is easier to take control of an official server is correct because it is done without the need to be an option between clans.

I’d just like to see permissions. Seems to be all or nothing right now. I’d like to be able to restrict locked doors and chests by rank.

I totally agree with you even in the ark have chests with code or for own use

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