Improvements of pve stuff

Would like to see thralls be a bit more alive instead of just standing there or working on their stations for some it might not make too much of a difference but sometimes the base looks dead as a solo or offline player … maybe if they were a bit more interactive or head on to the feeding pot or to sleep would make it a bit less bare …

And would like to see more dungeons… i really liked the dungeons on conan unchained and would love to see longer /randomized spawn dungeons to break the ice of knowing what spawns and where …

A bit off topic but steel tier for dlc weapons would be nice too … its sad to leave my aquilonian hammer until i get it on star metal.

Cheers mates !

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PVPers are second hand citizens.
Been that way for over 20 years, gonna live me.

Yeah i liked pvp back on conan unchained… but tbh i like dungeons a lot and i saw what they can do on that game … but about thralls, they are a very important part of this game and i think they can be improved to make the game more interesting.

Thralls making the game more boring, standing behind your thrall doing to work for you is fun yea?

Dunno where you wanna get with that but thats not the point … i would just like them to be more interactive and reactive so bases don’t feel dead … its that simple

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Thought u were talking about thralls overall in your latest post.

But ti answer the main post then. No it’s not necessary at this moment. They should focus on making the game more stable. But when that’s done sure, they can do what ever. For me it’s just not a main issue.

Then dont do it then?
Also use an archer and give it a melee weapon… They have crap hp and crap melee dmg output.

My last crash was ~1-2 months ago (PS4). Do you play on PC? Maybe mods are an issue…

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Think u answered the wrong dude. Or you just dont understand. PVP 3-4 months ago was actual PVP now its bring thralls vs thralls.

And now its horses and not only thralls…

But yeah, I understand the PvP cries. Its called PvP and not PvT(hralls)… So there should be an own setting for thralls VS human player dmg. Which everyone can scale, howevery they want (and at official it is lower than currently).

PvP have already destroyed enough weapons/mechanics for PvE (like critical hit chance weapon). It is time, for such a setting.
So that thralls dont make the same amount of dmg against other human players, as against NPCs.

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I wouldnt say PvP destroyed weapons, devs did. And a crit shouldnt be 2k damage like it was. It should maybe be 20-30% more than the base damage. And what mechanics did they destroy?

Well sure … making the game more stable should in fact be top priority but its something so basic that i didn’t really think of putting here .

Yet another thing i wondered , hear me out …
What if they had areas where you could not build and on these areas would spawn a random base or so from a database … just like a admin raidbase but scripted on the base game to make siege equipment and avatars useful on pve/solo while giving the player the intense feeling of managing a raid for plunder … its just another thing i was thinking about eh .


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