In-Game Economy for PVE-PVC Request

Myself also CodeMage! And to be completely honest, this would have to be my second most wanted feature for Conan Exiles, right behind additional Crom goodies. I would love to be able to both buy AND sell items to various in game NPC merchants in the same manner that players can on Skyrim, The Witcher 3 or Fallout 76. And I would further adore the idea of the playerbase being able to create a vibrant functional trading economy on their servers. This is one move which could help the game feel so alive.

I would also like to add that I previously suggested additional NPC merchants/vendors, and the idea was extremely well received, so there is a lot of support for expanding upon the current merchant model.


Thanks for sharing, Crom!


My pleasure Tystin. And thankyou so much for bringing it back to the gaze and disussion of the playerbase!! I have to leave for work very shortly, but I will be sure to offer some much deeper discussion and insights when I finish up for the day.


I’m glad you found the topic worth bringing back up. This is a regular point of conversation on my server and dreaming about it unfortunately won’t bring it to fruition. I’d love to hear more your ideas when you’re available.

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First of all I love the ideas of a market how ever it works.
And also the musicians :slight_smile:

Once I posted a suggestion about passwords for doors, chest and maybe benches too.

This would solve the offline trading problem.
I can give Robert the password for the chest where I placed the 5k bricks.

You could share parts of your base with allies or friends who are not in your clan.

So maybe Robert can pay me with the password for his black ice farming base…

Maybe that becomes a problem for pvp? The time I played pvp I reconized that there are always players that uses every glitch and exploit or other unfair tactics. For example Second characters to hide there stuff and actions and I think that could make it easier for them.

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I’m glad you like the idea of market trading being implemented on officials. Do you have any suggestions for it?
I do like the idea of a password chest, but how would I give Robert the password? in global? everyone would see, I’d have to find a way to let him know without someone else taking that as an opportunity to get free stuff. In terms of PVP, I meant this market/trader idea for PVE-PVC, as in PVP it might be useless or just go ignored altogether.

I personally would not be against the idea, but I’m trying to be as simple as possible for Funcom to consider implementing. If we used other things in place of currency, like item for item, we’d have a huge drop-down menu to scroll through in order to select “Blacksmith”, and that is not taking into consideration how many named blacksmiths there are in one map.

Hmm, interesting, a central hub? I get it. I also think players would like to take the creative route and design their own shops though. Just so I understand, the stalls would be placed by players inside an NPC area (Sepemaru or Valeria’s camp)? I think that would run into issues with building restrictions in those areas. Please let me know if I misunderstood.

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That was my initial thought, but I arrived at the same conclusion as you. My solution would be to have a bunch of empty kiosks arranged in a market type fashion that could be unlocked by talking to the “Market Proprietor” NPC. A player would purchase one then place a thrall in and fill it with goods.

As you stated, this limits customization options, but it is more convenient to have the merchants clustered in one location.

As for the currency, I think coins and pearls is probably the better option. Travelling to the market only to find out that the merchant wants a stack of black blood for an item would be annoying to have to go all the way back to your base to get it.


If I purchased a market stall, would that lock others out from using it because I bought it? Am I the only person who can fill the inventory, set prices and sell from it?

Agreed, I think sticking to set forms of currency avoids that problem.

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What happens when everyone has the t4 thrall? you only need 1 of each crafter to play sparingly (as you state the main draw for purchasing would be). Why would someone who doesn’t want to play often want more than basic set up?

And as for Mark up, have you met the player base in officials. Trolls galore.

one way to make an economy necessary game loop wise is introduce @codemages upkeep. Now you have reason to trade outside of “lack of playing time” being the sole driver of market value.

I can appreciate your willingness to look at this suggestion from multiple angles, it’s how we weed out bad ideas from the good. Now to your point.

On PVE/PVC, nothing bad. I see it as good if someone is missing that named alchemist they can’t get and can have that service provided by a merchant filled by a fellow player.

If you’re missing a named blacksmith or armorer to craft the legendary repair kits, again, a player could buy it and move on to other in-game things they’d rather spend their time on. My point is “supply and demand”.

You nor I can be decision-makers on how someone else plays their game.

You realize this issue is self-solving right? If a player makes their prices too high, no one will buy their goods, they will go to other player’s merchant stands instead. Now the “troll” as you put it, must reconsider their prices or just let their merchant stand sit making no money.

I still fail to see anything wrong with adding merchants to the game for officials for players to enjoy how they see fit. If this is not something you would use, don’t use it. It’s not even a real thing yet, just an idea.

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So this would be a player own market station, and not across the board npc market?

But we have that. And yes, if you aren’t on when someone needs something, they can find some one else. Part of “owning” and being a market is being open when business is there.

I think you also missed what I was saying in 1 thrall, and everyone eventually has all the crafters they need. I lean once every player 9n server has what they need, the market is now null and void as far as demand.

I suppose we have to agree to disagree.


No, we don’t, unless you’re counting on stuff from the mods, like Pippi Thespians.

Players can only trade when online, by arranging to meet with each other and then exchange goods by dropping them in loot bags. There’s no in-game mechanism to allow for offline trading or, for that matter, to make sure one party doesn’t cheat the other one.

True, the thrall market would be null and void as long as the server population remains static (i.e. no players leave or arrive), and the game remains static (i.e. no new thralls are introduced and none of the existing thralls are changed to make players prefer one over another).

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Hey @Funcom , noticing a trend or anything? :grin:

I love this idea too. With all of the discussion on it so far my minds immediately goes to ESO and Black Desert - especially the banking and kiosk system in ESO accompanied by the player to player mailing system.

I especially like the idea of a map asset either baked in or user creatable which would allow for the buying and selling or trading of inventory for on-line play. It would give gold and silver coins in the game a more meaningful purpose for sure! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think a somewhat related almost interdependent system (if not a little OT here) would be a “friend” attribution similar but different to the clan “member” attribution, offering a set of user selectable privileges.


I do think Gold and Silver coins need more uses, but in my OP I wasn’t sure how other players would feel about that considering we can literally craft them- it kind of takes away from the “value” in the economy. That is why I suggested using pearls or adding a lootable/findable new coin like copper coins or something.
Since whenever we buy from NPCs, like the merchants in Sep, the right amount is deducted automatically from our inventory and vice versa when selling scout reports to Valeria, the amount is added to our inventory; I think this system could be used for players market stalls. So my thought process was that it’s relatively hands-free and removes the constant running around and meeting up to trade and the dreaded “dropping on the ground and praying it doesn’t fall into the void” method.

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Personally I don’t think it would be impactful. One still needs to mine or find the gold or silver in order to make the coins - it’s not free. Of course using the already present gold and silver would make prices pretty high for a lot of things. 100K gold coins or 120k silver coins for a T3 fighter, sure, why not - just need to change the stack size and or add a banking system with transfers.

Have you played ESO? In that game there is a wondering merchant. He sells a few things and can purchase your excess inventory if you are overladen or whatever. How about something like that but you can also beat him over the head and toss him into the thrall wheel. When he emerges he can buy items with his owner’s gold and silver reserves (however much that is) and sell whatever you put inside him - or whatever you have in a designated crafted (refrigerated?) vault? And of course like others have said he is placed in a “table” that looks like a merchant’s stand or kiosk - which the player could also build around of course.

When you put it that way, especially since above we’ve been discussing players setting their prices, it doesn’t seem that bad as it did in my head.

I have not, but I’ve heard good, and hilarious things about it.

I don’t fully understand this part, I’m sorry.

So, on emergence players can interact with him by long pressing E. The menu wheel has BUY, SELL, and maybe trade too I dunno? If the user selects BUY he can only purchase what he has the money for (either in his inventory or also perhaps in his vault (“bank”) if a bank-transfer system is added). If he selects SELL he can only sell as much as your thrall has to pay for - or some limited amount within that total - maybe on a per day basis. Again this could be whatever is in the “bench” or a vault you crafted designated to that table - again, if there was a bank-transfer system added.

The vault would hold everything you wanted to sell, some reserves of gold and silver to buy things with, and also whatever the thrall purchased from users he did business with. If there was no gold or silver in the vault the thrall could not buy anything. That’s where the (somewhat difficult) idea of trading comes in.

I suppose it doesn’t need to be a vault though - I was thinking that might be needed if this system were to go into PVP servers as well. Otherwise it could just be a “bench” with lots and lots of storage spaces. I think they would need to address stack sizes for a lot of things but they need to do that anyway - and if they don’t agree then maybe it could be custom stack sizes just for that vault or bench.

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