In the dusty dark and beneath it eats its name is such a good example

I mean,great misión,great mechanic and puzles,funny backstory,and the boss fight is very exciting and inmerse.
Why we cant make dungeon boss fights similar way?
And to be honest,I think the reward of long misiones are…negligible and unfair.It should have some unique reward due to its effort and time need,for example,perhaps random cosmetics?And as its replayable,it should be a way to keep players online and farm cosmetic stuffs?

It would be interesting to see them turn some of those instanced solo missions into group dungeons with scaled difficulty and better rewards. There are some really interesting fights that would be fun to play as a group.

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it should take form from dungeon/paragon misión scaling which you can choose from e1-10,which even in e10 you can overgeared it,but never commander Blade type forced scaling.
tank commander type forced scaling is awful and its not fair because…well,weapon balance.It Will literatly forcé ppl to rushing into metas.I can solo e10 duo scenary with blood because I can overgear e10,but if its tank commander scaling,I am forced to go ksr/maul,o at least something more fit for solo content…only if they tweak the grindy/expensive weapon level system,this is always super punishy.High IP besides should be a thing,it should let you make life easier,otherwise it has lesser value.

I once looked a bit into long missions, rebalancing of rewards and such…it’s not an easy thing if you don’T wanna buff across the board and if you just shuffle stuff around people aren’t that much a fan of it. Either because they would refer a straight up buff to long missions and no cutting around shorter ones or because they think it’s suboptimal resource allocation…at least that I read from it.

P.S.:I think if you want a really bad mission cost benefit wise: Nightmare in dreampalace.

Not meaning to compare here - but i’m going to…

Dusty dark used to reward you with a purple talisman or Purple Signet if i recall back in TSW
(can’t remember if it was each time you did the last mission or one time only reward)
But i am sure that you could re-run the mission in the hopes to get a talisman or signet that you wanted. (i may be wrong)

So it’s no wonder you feel that doing that length of a mission chain - you feel slightly underwhelmed by the reward being the same as any other mission.

That specifically was Beneath You It Eats Its Name. You’d get a shiny for your first run through and then you’d get a chance to get something as what’s effectively boss loot at the end.

I love the Dusty Dark. That’s all I want to add to this.


Yeah true
I found not sightly,but greatly underwhelmed by the reward,the reward is exactly the same as other short investigation misión,and it seems only the first time you can get that vanity bag
Also,the vanity bag seems empty,I dont know why lol.

If the vanity bag is empty, it’s probably because you already had all the clothes it could give you. Which is extremely frustrating: wouldn’t have been against them making enough clothes that get one from each bag…

Yeah perhaps,as I already did almost all investigations…
It is super frustrating I agree,the funny misiones are a very good part of this game,and now it seems very unrewardful…They need to make more cosmetics,and make long misión like in the dusty dark can recieve vanity bags on its repetition…

I think a chance for a random cosmetic reward may appeal to a lot of players. Personally I think it’s a great idea but that’s because I enjoy collecting cosmetics for the dressing room. However I suppose that could mean less money coming in from aurum-purchased cosmetics.