Inaccurate Pike Hitbox

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Any
Server Type: PvP
Map: Any
Server Name: Any

Bug Description:

Pikes seem to have the most inaccurate, inconsistent hitbox in the game by far. They hit enemies well in front of the end of the blade, and even on the sides of the shaft. Dodging them is also inconsistent, but I am not completely sure why. Maybe they have an active hitbox for too long, as the weapon is being pulled back, or hitting at the maximum range before the thrust is finished? Everyone I know agrees that it is the cheesiest weapon to use in PvP because it is very easy to use and feels unfair to fight against because of how often it deals damage without actually hitting. All weapons can seem buggy because of lag, but 2 handed spears seem the most consistently bad, and the video in the volcano was taken in single-player, where there should be no influence of internet connection.

Bug Reproduction:

Test the range in creative mode like I did, but the worst happens in PvP. Try it out, record and watch fights in slow motion, and try other weapons to compare the consistency of inaccurate his registration.

The frame before I died from the spear attack

Single player, so there should be no lag

Pretty much is because of lag and desync. But got worse with 3.0 and 15 agi perk. But this is a problem with all weapons. Why you find spear especially is probably because it’s easier to see because of the animation is pretty much straight forward.

That’s also why I suggested removal of 15 agi perk (atleast for running speed) and buff the “base” speed up a bit. Because there is not really a reason to have a perk that buff your sprinting speed.

But yea pretty much always been like that more or less, and I assume you have to live with it x)

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