Pikes are too OP

I thought dagger spamming was bad but at least you could counter it. A broken mordlun pike hits three foundation lengths away from the player that’s piking and the hit box is massive. Aim at the ground, you still hit a player climbing a vault or wall. It’s two to three hits in heavy armor with master bulked plating and you’re dead. One to two hits if you’re in medium or light depending on your build. On top of the fact they are incredibly easy to get. It’s almost like funcom devs have never pvp’d with these weapons before implementing these garbage changes. Gg

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Someone show this man their legacy Blood Crystal or Aesier Chieftain Pikes.

You’re completly wrong and making a fool of yourself with such stupid post and lies.

The Mordlum doesnt kills you in two hits as you stated, but in three hits.

You own an apology to Funcom

I said two to THREE hits. Depending on your build. Reading is key.

I ain’t buying that shiiiiit.

You do know the last hot fix nerfed the crap out of those right?


Modified weapons, afaik, didn’t get updated.

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Modified or repaired didn’t get nerfed. So majority of pvp players have vaults full of legacy OP BP pikes. :slight_smile:

Funcom can fix it just like Heritance or just run a script and delete all crafted Pikes, but they won’t do it because we are past hotfix 2 and they’re 100% into next chapter development.

You forgot to add lag to the picture, @CromsReject . Basically, it’s mostly a game of luck when two similarly competent players fight.

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Are those different vaults than the bomb vault from the dups? Or how about the vaults of old yog touches or etc etc etc. When will we see wipes to servers on officials?

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Ya, I swear when I was making blood crystal spears last week, I thought I was pressing 1 :innocent:


Seriously. I was working on my battle pass this AM had to jump here and there to get all 5. By the time I was done, and had seen more then just the compound I reported a week ago when it was a third of a map square is now 3X that size. It’s a mimic of 3 different TOC violating examples…

I’m downloading the enshrouded demo, already downloaded the Vein demo; H1Z1 flash back. Think I’m going to step away from Conan till funcom either wipes some public servers or starts active admining the public servers; so I don’t fell such a :poop: for doing their job.

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Most likely never or at least not until they decide to close official servers, but then you can’t really play on official servers anymore :joy:
I completely 110% agree that official servers need a wipe, and not just a single wipe, but for example a yearly wipe.
They could split the different server types in 2 groups where one group would wipe in June and the other in December.
Perhaps offering a character vault where players can store a few NAKED characters if they really want to keep character progression, personally I would be fine without it, but there are likely some that would want it.

Anyways… We can suggest and dream all we want, it likely won’t ever happen even though official servers definitely need it in more than one way :grin:

3 month wipe intervals based on the chapters is my suggestion.

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Do you mean it this time?

Pikes, as well as Daggers, are weapons that benefit most from lag + auto lock.

The pikes themselves aren’t the problem, if everything is going smoothly.
They are the current dueling meta, to be certain, but that can be ascribed as much to stamina management, debuff infliction, and the roll game, as anything else.
Some weapons are honestly not really designed for dueling due to speed (lack there of) and focus on AoE vs Single Target. That’s fine, this one does not object to screw drivers and hammers being different tools for different jobs, but all part of carpentry.

TLDR; The Pike highlights the other issues at play, as opposed to being just op in it’s own right.

You think the coders, developers, modelers, artists, etc, are also server admins? :man_facepalming:

You one of the guys I destroyed last night with an illusioned “mordlun”? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Nah we have a clan of 10 dudes from Brazil that had a 200 + ping hitting us from a mile away. I wouldn’t call that destroying, more just being cheesy af.

We did manage to kill them multiple times and we got their kits. They were def mordluns. Lag is a pain in this game.

Chad Taemien ThunderImademodforarcheryseveralyearsagocock graced me.
I’m so happy! What it will be this time?
Officials suck go play privates? Oh so daring and unique of you.
Maybe a bit of “I know better than everyone here” sauce on top. Your favorite from what I heard.
Oh, something different this time? Ah the good ol’ “I’m gonna nitpick the thread till I satisfy my inner redditor urge”.
No, I don’t need modelers, artists etc. to work on the fix for such an issue. It’s not their job. Good bait tho. Appreciate it. Real nice use of emoji too. So quirky of you.
Funcom could and still can push out another hotfix to fix the blatant issue of their own creation. But you don’t care about this do you? You want your usual dopamine check. So here it is. Yes I’m so dumb and want artists and modelers make up a script to fix my issues. Are you happy now? Oh, I forgot. Officials suck btw and should be closed. All go play privates or single-player. Yeah this will do.