No one likes the word NERF

It’s no secret everyone in the game uses the PIKE ( ANY PIKE ) why because they know it’s overpowered you can take a player in no gear using a pike level 10 and they will dominate a player in Silent Legion level 60 with tier 4 health with recovery fully buffed wielding a sword it can be tested a verified 5 hits each with each weapon with no misses and the Pike will take off over 40% of the health bar while a legendary weapon only removed 10% the imbalance needs to look at bleed stacks or not that imbalance shouldn’t be so wide on the damage spectrum.

( Everyone uses the most overpowered items in the game ) 40 players using a PIKE the number 1 choice of weapon should tell you something.

it’s not about nerf, it’s about balance and variety i think.

Spear should be use as many as any other weapon. So it need something in order to downgrade his power

Last time I played, several updates back, from what I could tell the Spear was OP because it could keep knocking into you and messing up your attacks/guard.

I thought there was one update since then, that was supposed to shift things to the end of a combo rather than the beginning.

Add in some damage reduction to further compensate.

Whats sad is the only way to make all weapons equally useful is to introduce a global coodown. Funcom uses stamina and animations for this. The problem is that you can bypass the stamina by spacing out your jabs at 1.25 second intervals while consuming a regenerative and you can bypass the the animation by swapping weapons. So what needs done is a 1 second global cooldown that prevents you from reactivating the attack until the cooldown has lapsed and because its global switching weapons wont matter.

Anyone not familiar with cooldowns is going to look at this like it would slow game play but in actuality it doesnt and makes it next to impossible (excluding glitches) to be OP if the devs dont purposely make the weapon OP via stats.

simple, make consumable animation for right handed (main hand). Would sheath the weapon, and also not allow sprint. Run yes, but no sprinting for suggested 2-5 seconds.

All (or at least most) weapons stagger; most weapons just don’t do it from so far away. You can stagger a pike-user with a well-timed one-handed sword heavy and then continue the combo, but the reach advantage of the pike makes this hard. The planned hyper-armor for warhammer light attacks sounds like it may break the spear meta if the hammer becomes a hard counter against the spear.

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