Inconvenience: Game requires me to unlock all characters even though my previous 1-year subscription is still in effect

  1. My current 1-year subscription is set to end at 13th of October, 2021.

  2. Today I started to retrieve my monthly 15-tp coin rewards, and while doing so, decided to extend my subscription for one year as well.

  3. After making the payment at the account page, I immediately could no more accept my teleport coin rewards although the subscription is still valid.

  4. Logging at the payment history at the www account page, i noticed that extending the subscription had failed, although the subscription was now set to end at Oct 10th, 2022, ie. one year from now.

  5. I then made a small purchase of 1200 more Funcom points, which went through without trouble, and the changed point balance is still visible at the account page.

  6. At this point I made the error of relogging to the game, and now it requires me to “Unlock” each character individually, before I can access it.

  7. The account page shows that my previous subscription is still in effect (until 2021-10-13).

  8. It is intolerable, that this kind of incorrect implementation is still in use after so many years.

  9. Funcom, please correct the problem promptly!

I am guessing there was an error causing your account to go f2p for a brief time hence having to unlock all of your characters.

There are only two options for this game, keep buying stuff and they will keep it open at minimum levels, or go f2p and buy nothing and eventually they will just shut it down.

Sometimes you can send a message directly to that pink sweater guy and he will respond, but it’s a crapshoot.

Well, as it was Sunday i was not expecting anything to happen quickly.

But, in effect, the incorrectly implemented payment system initially fooled me to to think that i was being stealed of the last 7 days of my ongoing subscription, which was rather infuriating.

The reason i was fooled – and therefore rather infuriated – was that the game initially only claimed “You can unlock 4 slots!” – instead of all my characters.

In the end, I was able to unlock all of my characters and continue playing (although i do not know if any game master performed any magics to fix the situation).

I know this fact from the Industry of Household Products/ Accesories:

If a company thinks ‘‘Lets make something good and innovative that functions and endures’’ and put a nice price on it and depend on how good it is to make profit it ends up being reliable it lasts and people prefer it buy it. This also makes future products or even upgrades to the original product being sold and the company makes money and the customer is happy.

If a company thinks ‘‘Lets make this but lets put the cheapest stuff there so it breaks so the customer sends it for service again and again and make it also dependant on external replacements but make good advertisements and make it look shiny etc so we can trick/ fool the customer constantly to make a ton amount of money out of nothing and generally use deceptive marketing instead of true marketing’’ then that company ends up making some money at first and then nothing at all because the customer is dissatisfied and so they loose him.

Funcom vs other Companies is like Made in USA Lifetime Warranty Quality Buy once no matter the Cost and be satisfied for life vs Made in China Replacement part dependant crap that just makes you pay more replacement parts to keep your product functional until you get angry and throw it out of the window.

Maybe for a change this Company could focus on making propper stuff and let the customer choose if he pays for something because if it’s ‘‘That much of an improvement’’ he will pay you for it.
Not create a total mess out of the Payment system with Greed being Priority. Just make it simple and good. Don’t use deception because you end up messing up your own payment methods and then you make nothing at all… Dang

But no. No. Funcom is like that: Lets make this but make it so the customer is then forced to go through the process to pay for that and that and fool him so he is forced to pay for that other one again.
That not how you sell products.

There is only one way how you make money: Wether a product will make you money or not depends on one thing only. HOW GOOD IS YOUR PRODUCT. Thats your job. To invest on Quality. If its good i am buying! Its your job to make it as good as possible and invest on it to make me say ‘‘OK. I WANNA BUY THIS!’’

That’s marketing!

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