Increase stack size for coins


A stack of 500/1000 would be much better IMO


I was literally just thinking this to myself the other day. Like Exile-Cat said, 500-1000 would make for a nice Quality of Life improvment.


:thinking: Just thinking of a real economy system. The more gold/silver the Game (Client/server) registers the less worthy it should be.
Admit it! Even if you could stack more, your boxes would still be full.


Had a arena and store where people could buy things on my server. We went from coins to bars and still ended up dumping bars and coins in a river. After all what can you do with so much money. You can only store so much.


I have a market and bank on my server and accept coins, bars, ores, and pearls as currency. I have plenty of all of them, but the coins take up the most space by far.


It would be nice if Bronze/Copper Coins also escaped the Admin Panel and and became another form of in game currency, with a few corresponding Merchants. Bronze/Copper jewellery too to accompany the coming Gold and Silver jewellery.

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Definitely onboard with stacking coins, this would save precious slots on storage

What would be fun is having a placable piggy bank that can allow increased coin stacking, any other item would be standard stacking size

IMO coins shouldn’t be in inventory, we should have a currency system with the total amount of money we own. Like in many games, something visible somewhere on the HUD with gold as main money and silver as cents. Let say if I’ve looted 200 gold coins and 1750 silver coins, I should have 217,50 gold (200 and 1750 cents become 217 and 50 cents). If I spend 230 silver coins (2,30 gold) I should have then 215,20 gold for example. Like in most RPGs.

But it would be difficult to implement now because it should has been planned ahead, it would be necessary to rebalance silver and gold coins if we suddenly estimate that 100 silver coins are worth a gold coin. But if one day Funcom decides to set up a real economic system in the game, it’s something that will have to be reworked.

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With your system how could I use coins in the grinder to make powder for crafting ? SO far there is no real currency system in CE and it’s perfect like this. No need for it since there’s so few things that could be bought to npc.
Coins should stay as mostly a resource for crafting.

Sorry if I mispoke, of course as I said it should has been planned ahead and it will be necessary if Funcom want to put someday an economic system into CE. In this state the simple fact that you can forge and pound coins makes the thing impossible.

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