Infinite Loading Loop

Still trying but this fix does not seem epic games friendly really. I can say for certain though that this topic has NOT been solved.

This is a them problem and they need to fix it, not a mod issue. It’s an issue with whatever is throwing the sync between client and server. If it was a “mod issue” they would fail out on single player as well, this is getting beyond rediculous

Is this still a “we’re working on this” situation?

This isn’t a solution; this is a temporary work around. I’m having to do this crap every other day.

@Funcom The perception is that you guys don’t think this is a funcom problem, but a mod or steam problem. The game isn’t checking mod updates correctly.

I’m done playing until this is fixed. It’s a showstopper. Sick of having to reload ALL mods every other day.

The weird thing is that it was checking them just fine before 3.0. What changed there I wonder?

This has worked for me every time.

It is a known bug that mods are not being updated automatically by Funcom, creating a mod mismatch loop. There is nothing that can be done about this server side but there is a work around. If after the first mod mismatch you can not connect, do the following:

1: Unsubscribe to all mods in Steam Workshop
2: Delete Steam/Steamapps/Workshop/Content/440900
3: Delete Conan Exiles/Conansandbox/Servermodlist.txt
4: Delete Conan Exiles/Conansandbox/Mods/Modlist.txt
5: Log into server and let it subscribe/download the mods
6: Restart game
7: Enjoy

Some of us use epic games, which means the mods download via Conan itself and take quite a while. Its not practical. We can manually download from steam, but that doesn’t work either.

Well the epic games friendly version would be to manage your mods manually using steamcmd.
So pick a folder… use steamCMD to download your mods to that, set your modlist.txt to point to those, then just check before playing if any of the mods had an update (subscribe to them with your random steam account so you can see them all in a list on the webpage), if yes, delete the physical file of that mod only and redownload it with steamcmd. At least that’s what I would do if I had the epic version.

Just tried this, it did not work. Still ‘wrong version’ error.

If you think you did everything perfectly…
You downloaded all the mods that the server uses…
Put them in the correct order on the modlist…
and you’re still getting a mismatch error, then the server is simply not updated and most likely one of the mods had an update since the server has been started (if it’s using PEB by Multigun, that got an update just yesterday for example)

WTF is going on??? How is that the game is so broken?? I’m having the same problem!

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This does need to be fixed with a bit more urgency honestly. It really is quite bad.

I thought about rebuying the game on steam, but I have all the DLC on my epic account that will be hard to replace as it costs $200 on steam.

Please fix this mod detection issue.

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When is this gonna be fixed, it makes your game borderline unplayable


It worked fine before 3.0, so I wonder what even changed there to cause it?

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It doesn’t work for me even with this “workaround”, I’ve tried everything suggested here and can’t get out of this infinite loop. Since 3! Weeks! I can not log on to my own server, for which I pay money every month! I am really completely annoyed and sick of it, this is really no state. I’m about to uninstall the game and cancel the server.

If you indeed tried all of these and you still can’t get in, then it’s your server that doesn’t have every mod updated…

You need to understand that the automated systems for updating mods are broken… yes… but they can be updated manually just fine, if the server indeed has all mods updated… and your client also has all mods updated, you will be able to log in just fine… else nobody could play on modded servers atm… which is not the case.

I get that it’s frustrating and it would be nice if it was fixed so people could go back to relying on the automated updates, it’s not that complicated though to update them manually making this a very minor inconvenience at most and not the “gamebreaking bug” some are making it out to be.

And yes… the more mods you use the more problems you’re going to have, since you will have updates more frequently… If you’re trying to run a modded server then it is almost a requirement to monitor the workshop page of all mods you use daily to see if any of them have updates…
Mods are not an official part of the game, they are custom modifications made by random people that you apply to your game at your own risk… modding always had the prerequisite of some level of technical knowledge or at the very least patience.

I restartet my Server 5 Minutes before I did all these steps. My Mods at the Server are sure actual.

Step 1: I unsubscribed all Mods
Step 2: I deletet the “Servermodlist.txt.” - a “Modlist.txt” I don´t have, because I don´t have Mods für Singleplayer etc. installed
Step 3: I deletet the Mod Folder in the “Workshop” Directory
Step 4: I verified the Data of CE via Steam
Step 5: I restartet my PC
Step 6: I restarted my Server (g-portal) to make shure the mods are up to Date
Step 7: I started CE, connect to my Server an load the mods via my Server down
Step 8: I click on “connect”.

Finally Step: I´m in the Loop…

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Yes and that’s when you as a modded server admin should start the troubleshooting process and start asking yourself questions…

Whether my server REALLY updated mods just from restarting? If the client doesn’t, maybe the server doesn’t either.

Have you downloaded the physical mod files from your server and compared by content to the files you have to see if they really match?

Why do you think mod authors have beep putting direct download links on their workshop pages aimed at server admins?

Etc. You see what I’m getting at? If you really want to have your own server then you might have to put in a bit more work, since you’re gonna be the one your players go to for help primarily.

Bottom line… try to make really sure that those files indeed match and you should be good

“Have you downloaded the physical mod files from your server and compared by content to the files you have to see if they really match?”

After these steps I have only the data that was downloaded from the server and no other data.

The “last updated” date of my mods displayed by the server matches 1 to 1 with the “last updated” date on the workshop pages. Also, I am on the respective discords of the modders. so yes: I am sure to have the latest versions.

I don’t just run my server since yesterday. :wink:

But thanks that you are trying to help me.

Steam is just as bad. No point buying a second copy.