Infinite Sprinting?

As many players have found out there is a glitch that allows an infinite sprint at the cost of not looking where you are running towards. At first it was good cause it allowed me and my friends to reach far distances faster but after a couple of in game we realize that is unbalanced as it doesn’t help much in pvp during some battles when my clan and I were winning the last players just grabbed all the good gear from his comrades body and ran away while using this glitch. I’m all ok with strategic retreat but when you chase down a player for 45 mins straight and he doesn’t escape your sight but just waste time it becomes a nuisance. This glitch ruins pvp as players take advantage of it to only grief and then be cowards to run away before others can fight back

Not really I meant that although the glitch seems helpful for players it’s more of a burden in a pvp based server.