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Hey all,

I am coming here looking for information or help. A number of long time players in multiple clans was recently banned on 1540. Some of us received permanent bans for excessive land claim and hacking. As a long time player of this game, I can honestly say I have never hacked. I’m pretty much computer illiterate and wouldn’t even know where to start to hack. We are good people and active members in the Conan community. I am extremely disappointed at the lack of transparency surrounding the ban. If I’ve done something wrong or associated with someone who has, I would love to know exactly what it is. I love this game, it’s the only game I play. Am I able to appeal a ban? Who can I reach out to? @Ignasi

Thanks for listening,

Jim Bob and crew
Bubonic Chronic
Official Server 1540


Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

I would suggest you follow the links above for guidance with your issue.


Thank you. Yes, I have read through this and I have started a message thread to appeal…

Also part of 1540 and also banned for no explainable reason.

Never cheated myself and I have played with the same group of friends for several years and i know none of them cheated either.

When a player request information about a permanent ban and gets a standard reply refusing to share information that justify banning a player with over 2k hours who spent over $150 buying every DLC of this game its just not acceptable.

The rules says i am to be responsible for my teammates not to hack or abuse the game, but if you refuse to say what got me banned how can I even remediate the situation.

Funcom you have failed a good title, a good game, a good community and you will continue to fail if you don’t change your commitment to the same players that keep your game alive.


Hello, as someone also hit with this ban wave for unknown reasons, I can vouch for Jim bobs crew being decent and honorable people. This is coming from one of the people who was his enemies on that server who fought against him. Never seen or heard of Jimbob and his crew cheating. He is one of the more well respected individuals in the conan community for always playing honorably and never being toxic. I am disappointed in my own ban of course as well, but Jimbob definitely doesn’t deserve this ban. Please reconsider the ban if any funcom employees are reading this.


I have had the pleasure of playing with many of the players in Bubonic Chronic… they are my family, one of them got me into this game a couple of years ago and we met others that just added to the family along the way.
The Bubonic Chronic crew are nothing but genuine and humble players who just enjoy PvP and playing on active official servers, which we all know are dwindling quickly and it’s for things like this.

It’s very hard now a days to find people who are active and dedicated to this game, and it’s them. Through countless servers, and multiple out of hand issues that Funcom should have fixed long ago, they stood their ground, fought hard through anything that came their way, and worked around players who we’re exploiting against them. So to issue them a permanent ban, in my eyes, is just completely wrong.

I have never met a more dedicated group to this game.
You have really messed up this time Funcom… I’m disappointed.



What @Rollotomozi meant was that you should open a Zendesk ticket and select “Ban Information (Why was I banned?)” under the “request type” field.

A forum message thread is unlikely to result in anything other than frustration.

Good luck :+1:

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Sorry I wasn’t clear with my response to him. I have gone through the zendesk route and am awaiting a reply.

Thank you.

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I played for over 3000 hours before I got my first ban. There is an entire thread dedicated to that one on how I mocked a clan with their own clan name and got banned for that clan name being offensive content even though it had been used by the previous clan across multiple servers.

This is my second ban. I joined 1540 to help Putrid Meat against undermeshers and the new alpha clan Bubonic Chronic. I was just getting settled in with some high hopes of good battles when 3 new groups joined the server. One known for their offensive content. One known for cheating, exploits, esp and duped body vaults. And, the last known for cheating, exploits, esp, ddosing and their hatred of the other two clans that had just joined.

An unlikely alliance formed between Putrid Meat and Bubonic. Bubonic had already attempted raiding our clans base multiple times. And, there appeared to be mutual respect in that both our clans fought cleanly. We had claimed land near their base, they had claimed land near ours. Gods were spent, trebs were destroyed. And, I unfortunately, became active just as that ended.

That was not the case for the new clans. We attacked them immediately as we knew what they had done on other servers. And, out of thin air, with constant pressure, 2 massive bases sprung up that would of required 10 people farming for a month. Yet, they did it almost in a single night.

Daily, offensive content was posted in global by members and alts of the new groups.

Next came them bombing our base for 5 days straight. It was not just our base. Our map rooms, FOBs or any structure. Each time, it was estimated they would of had to gone through an excess of 500-1000 bombs per day. It pretty much seemed that they had an unlimited number of bombs.

The raids started to get a rhythm to it. Our base would almost get fully blown in and then Bubonic would counter the enemy raiding us. On the last 2 days of being hit, we had gained a couple more members and were able to actively fight back vs passive defense. Those last couple days were when the server started to appear to be hit by DDOSing and folks whom didn’t want anyone to have fun on the server started land claiming content spots like shattered springs and the plains so noone could get brimstone or hide. This would be a problem for both Putrid Meat and Bubonic as we would need to farm more if the raids on us continued.

And, the next day, I am banned off the server. I have not received a reply to my zendesk appeal.

There are multiple things that need to be answered:

  1. The exact reason I got banned. We did not exploit or cheat, our land claim around our base was no more excessive than any other conan PVP server and we did not block content. I was only active for about week on that server.
  2. Why the admins warned the logged in server members that they were going to be cleaning out the server. Giving them time to body vault and leave their clans.
  3. Why our base got completely demolished by the admins.
  4. Why people reported by me whom FUNCOM replied agreeing there was a violation of their terms of service were not banned even after 48 hours.

I do not represent Putrid Meat. I am simply a member. And, these are my questions.




The combine player you banned across 1540 probably have over 100 000h in the game, And if you take the time to check most of them have been fighthing and reporting hacker, cheater and exploiter for years, and probably are the core of american official pvp server, who have support your game and bought your dlc even when they felt like you take too much time to fix known issue or didnt listen to your community.

For most of us its was our first offense in thousand of gameplay hours some of us getting permanent ban without warning or even knowing what we did wrong. Doesnt make any sense.


Leaving a clan after a report won’t help. No for a fact they can see logs of what clan you have been…notvsure on time back. A clan got permanent ban in year one for blocking the entire noob from desert spwan. They got nervous when they heard it was a permanent ban offense. So they handed everything over to a clan that was new…and only the members that were in clan when report happened got banned.

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I am friends with quite a few of the people who got banned om 1540, and I would like to Chime in and support Jimbob’s appeal. I’ve known and played with him for maybe a year and a half, and I am certain he would never cheat or mistreat anyone. He is a respectful and friendly player and I have never seen or heard of him breaking the rules.

In order to maintain the privacy of our players and users, we do not disclose information about accounts on a public forum - including details about suspensions and bans. As mentioned in the first reply, please submit a Zendesk ticket for assistance.

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Mass Bans on 1540, 6 clans, 30+ people. I even know my enemies were not cheating. Only 1 clan was cheating and it was “I still love you” Clan leader would be the well known cheater Lily.

I know funcom probably got 1000’s of reports on this server, the way it was handled was totally uncalled for. We have people in our clan I can list off, ALL above 5000 Hours with no previous bans. 5 of the clans were wrongfully banned. Temp bans for land claim should have been the full extent. Also you know…Banning the actual cheater who they didn’t even ban btw.

Imagine dropping a bomb on 50 people trying to only hit 1. This is what just happened on 1540. Now 5000+ hours accounts were wrongfully banned. Funcom, We all hate you.

Also people can fake being other people in your servers, stealing names and in return framing legit players. Again Funcom, We hate you.


Hoping the admins look into this and un-ban the clans/accounts that were legit NOT cheating and were dis-enfranchiesed by actual cheaters. Pretty ill’legitimate happenings on this server in the past two weeks.

1540 most toxic server i’ve ever seen in 7k+ hours. So toxic we think the actual cheaters/glitchers are somehow ‘in’ with funcom. GG’ endgame conan. We were’ stomping the cheaters while not doing anything remotly close to cheating… and we get banned for cheating.

Making additional threads about the same issue will not speed up the process nor affect the outcome of this request. Merging into a single topic; I urge you again to please go to Submit a request – Funcom and submit a request there.