Ingame player content

In TSW there were several times that content made by players made it into the game:

  • The music in the record store in London
  • The ABC of Monster Slayers in the Tree House in Savage Coast
  • The t-shirts in The Museum of the occult

I would like to see this continued in SWL. And while I am flabbergasted by the high level of talent shown in this community, I do think that we it should be more inclusive to those of us who are “artistically impaired”. (The ABC was a good way in that regard).


  • Mission text for Agent mission
  • Planning a whole side mission (mission text, 3x complete faction text, location, tiers, etc)
  • More children like drawings (e.g. for the kindergarten i Kaidan), could be combined with the one above
  • Recalling the letters in FNF, something like that in the new season 2 ML compound

I love the monster book:D And yes, it would be nice to see more player created stuff in the game, i know we have some amazingly talented people in the community:)

The Fashion Magazines that you find laying around the hubs (Hive Mode) were also pictures sent in by players. I’d love to see the tradition continued in SWL. Fingers crossed that once the initial hecticness of the new content has died down there will be a little more time for community related content.

I totally don’t look at P in the ABC of Monstors everytime I’m there :innocent:

Totally forgot about those. Also low entry, just take some screenshots.


That would be wonderful if they’d do more player created items in game. I know they’re a big hit in EQ2, the player books. I was hoping they would have brought more of the T shirts from the Museum competition into the game and sell them. The creativity of people in this community is just amazing.

There was that add on in TSW that had player created content (name escapes me). I found it interesting all the fan fiction, pics, etc.

FC doesn’t have the resources to curate anything like what you suggest, especially missions. Picking through 99 tons of crap to find the single nugget of gold is not something they need to be focusing on. There are so many other things needed to be done.

Do not forget numerous PvP Events what players made, and Funcom gave some prizes to them to share.

Seven Days of Stonehenge FTW!

I loved the music contest. My favourite is Zombie Stare. I should add the track isn’t mine but belongs to one of the contest winners who I think is called Amy. (I totally didn’t edit this post because I didn’t see the music contest mentioned in the OP :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )