Insane lag. Can't open door or chest

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: PvP
Region: South America 1986

Hello, since Saturday I’m having an insane amount of lag in conan exiles. As I was creating this account, activating it through my e-mail and writing this post I was unable to leave my base in-game. It’s like playing with 20000 ms though the ToggleDebugHUD command says my ping is 80. I have been constantly dying by falling, lava and mobs these past days. I have played CS:GO and Hunt: Showdown and everything seems fine. In Conan I can’t get out of my front door. And it seems the problem is getting worse. I have tried verifying game files and reinstalling steam, also reinstalling internet drivers, resetting modem, etc… Earlier today I could get out of my base and kill some stuff but now my character is stuck and teleporting back where it was. My grit is stuck and not regenerating. I can’t access any chest cause of the lag. I don’t get disconnected, I just can’t do anything. Before saturday I didn’t have any lag issues in conan and now I can’t access my inventory

By any chance, is part of your base failing to render, specifically the structures (foundations, walls, ceilings, etc)?


Hey @nytkim

We’re aware of a few instances that this situation can happen and our team is looking into them with the utmost priority.
Apologies for the frustration.

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