Insane Razor Gords Kitchen Staff purge on noob river

I had an animal taming pen in top right corner of J3 on T1 foundations and walled in. I got purged by Razor Gords Kitchen Staff once, and they decimated my building. I was like “Maybe it was a glitch.” and I rebilt the thing. Then I got another Razor Gords Kitchen Staff purge and my building was decimated in seconds again. I gassed npc’s to death by standing on a cliff edge and I counted at least 60 npc’s afterwards, Elite Corsairs, named figthters and crafters…
This must be an oversight or some other kind of mistake, surely Funcom would not on purpose allow this kind of purge to happen on starter area. Imagine being a new player and just after building your first sandstone building getting this. Nice way to scare new players away.


Npc’s did not come in waves either, they came all at once.

If u manage to tame them all u dont need to go for thrall hunt anymore lol

Great seens they are bringing purge up to what it was meant to be! Maybe should be tonned down a little on starter area, but other than frost giants and cimmerians, it was too easy before.

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Part of playing this game is learning how parts of the map differ from one another and that not all locations are created equal.

The purge, “Hold my beer” lol. Seems they have ramped up purges lately. Personally, I am glad as they were way too easy before. I used to get offline purges, and they barely did any damage to my base. Lately, I had a neighbor’s base get attacked and completely destroyed. A couple of t1s decided to come over and beat on my walls, and they actually took out a section of T3 wall and killed a Vapnir. The logs were pretty specific that it was 2 tier 1 NPCs doing the damage. Be very afraid…lol

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I don’t mind harder purges in general. But my point is that this was on newbie area. I was good as level 60 and only having my animal pen there, but it’s the new player experience I’m mostly worried about.

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Yeah, but to get that thing on your face when you start playing the first time ever, not really encourages you to learn the game, does it?

Have not had one in years. Forgot how much fun they were.

Razor Gord, Cimmerian Berserkers and Disciples of Sobek are the three “new” Purge types (that I know of) that they introduced months ago. Unlike the normal Purges, these don’t come in waves, instead they spawn a big swarm of enemies.

Yeah, top-right corner of J3 is definitely not an appropriate place for a swarming Purge, regardless of whether the devs did it intentionally or by accident. It’s due north of the easternmost spawn point and it’s not even on the river yet. If I recall correctly, the only enemies you encounter around that spot are imps, crocs and an occasional exile camp.

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j3 isnt really noob river. Your heading into blackhand/jungle zone. (it rains there as a dead give away) Not mention demons on otherside.

My Purge base is around here, nest of Snakes, Imps, Exiles, black hand have all hit me there.

Havn’t had cooks yet thou. I like J3 and J4. It kinda combos over multi purge zones. Same as side of K6, Animal, Blackhand, Lemu’s, Darfari all show up.

If you spawn on the most eastern desert spawning point and run straight north until you reach first trees, that’s where my taming pen was, so it’s definitely noob river area.

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one or 2 grids east of narrow neck is a different purge area

I thought purges were dependent on how big your base or your clans base was. I had a empty one lone warehouse building in the middle of no where that got hit with 9 purge waves of low levels. Destroyed most of the warehouse but i got a purge chef out of it. Though another clan member had a huge fort on top of a ice mountain who had one huge wave of lvl 4 beserkers they were brutal.

How do purges exactly work?

Sounds fun, i wish the purges i’ve face were like that. Most of the time are annoying rocknoses

the purge is based on the biome you build in , ( with some very few exception like the area J3 to J6 that is pretty starter point but still has 2 potential high purges ) , so normally the more north you go the harder will the purge npcs be , that said , the number of waves is more based on how over the bar filled is your meter when the purge does decide it will be on your clan ( from 1 wave to 6 , maybe more since it seems they have cranked it up a bit )

another thing to know is of course that if your base doesn’t have " multiple access point " from the ground level , then they may be teleported anywhere inside or on top of your base roofs . ( and this is pretty tricky as if you build on an area that has some terrain irregularities where followers or wildlife get stuck if following/aggroing you , then this may be considered unreachable base from purge pathway point of view ) . Also when I say Multiple , it’s because generally the purges waves will spwan at the same point every time ( mixing between around 5 different locations , so like 1st and 2nd wave at 2 points , then 3rd and 4th 1 same point and 1 other point , then 5th and more on other points but generally not more than 5 different ) so , if one of the points is having pathway access it may spawn some waves normally and when this point is selected, inside !

unfortunately then only way to know for sure your different purge spawn points are good is , well to get several purge , and try to build / rebuild in a way it stops acting weid if it does .

also the purge is based on actions you are doing while conected , and not connecting for a day will have the oposite effect , and some actions like breaking a thrall in the wheel make you gain more " purge points " than others like hitting a stone with a pickaxe , ( even staying idle gives a small bonus point over time ) . For solo players that struggle to get purges : i suggest you to break in an 8 space wheel of pain or two , prisonners from sepemeru and adepts from the volcano ( why those you might ask ? well with a T4 taskmaster you can literaly make it a chain , they are low tier thralls ( like Tier 1 ) so as soon as you will fill your wheel with the 8th one , the first one you put will be ready to make space for another and throw the unwanted thralls , this helped me a lot to have purges when my clanmates couldn’t / wouldn’t play ! but now that purges thralls aren’t really a thing ( at least for crafting thralls ) will there ever be a strong incentive for it ?..

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sounds like i’m in a lot of trouble. I have a base in the ocean between O6-O7. I have a bridge connecting the two beach coasts together to my base. I thought about more bridges to the islands nearby but i dont have enough thralls to defend said points. So i’d probably get a jungle biome purge. What should i expect for that. I’m also wanting to garrison up bridge so its still easily accesible to the public, but its fortified so when purges come at it, they wont go straight for the bridge. So basically my base on the ocean surface is connected to a bridge which connects the coasts together.

jungle purge ( depending on exaclty where ) can spawn any annimals you see around ( snakes / spiders / spitting lizards / crocs … for the annimals , and Lemurians , black hand , dagon’s followers for humans ( at least that I know of , but i hear they added new thralls so maybe new purge types ??? :slight_smile: )

If you have a conecting bridge from shore to shore and your base connected from with another bridge from the midlle of the first bridge , " normally " you should be good , i say normally cause their is never a 100% certainty , i honestly suggest you to spread your defenses evenly inside and outside for the first purge ( and after observing how it acts , make adjustements ) ( for the adjustement parts , if it spawns inside , try to " photograph in your memory " where they spawned , and what part of your building where they trying to attack ( even more what is the first building piece they tend to go to ) and try to rebuild in a way you can destroy this building piece ( because this building piece is the " end of their pathway " meaning they try to reach it but since doors and wall wont let them (poof they teleport inside )


I just got Razor Gords Kitchen today (just abit ago) in bottom of J4…

HOLY lots of swear words

There was about 20+ in 1st wave… or so I thought.

I happen turn around to find chunk of base missing in corner… seems about 8 archers had spawned on other side with 3 t4’s…

By time I gas orb so many of them… another 10 came…and another 10… I went thru about 50 black hands before it ended. Who needs a 2nd wave after that mess. XD

Snakes nest is about tougher I get that side. (just do to 3skull boss) beating out later blackhand spawns.

On one hand thou… If It wasnt a t2 base filled with greater wheel and some workstations, I can see a noob being over run if they happen stay there long enough to build a purge.

lesson learned. XD

But ya, Razor was pretty much a “hey, you ever been destroyed before? no? lets show you!”
lol… pretty fun, Ps4 fan was pretty much on jet engine mode whole time thou. =/

I see the same way. 3 days ago I got leveled to the ground literally!
Had a black ice and insulated wood base, and for decence a couple of high-tier fighters (mostly beast-tamers for their high HP and nordheimers for their STR), but none of them reached 20 yet.
And as a companion a greater sabretooth with 50+ STR, 6440 HP and 800ish(!!) armor. Had a nordheimer purge, I thought “okay I had this before, that’s not the hardest”. Aha, (insert that’s where you are wrong kiddo meme), all of my thralls died, only the core of my base remained, and my sabretooth is now gone forever… I died couple of times, and when I respawned in my base the enemies were so close they immediately aggro’d on me and killed again. I couldn’t even reach to my dead body to pick my stuff up.
First wave was easy, lot of archers. Next rounds, they brought bears and wolves into the play, and then Ladagara, and EVEN MORE animals and T4 fighters. For that moment I had no thralls and my kittycat had 500ish HP (they destroyed my fridge, I tried saving foods but I had no catfood, only a handful of cooked exotic meat). I hate those taskmasters, they with their maces keep staggering and sundering me.

Me, and a dancer was left, and 3/4 of my base is WHOOSH - gone.

Now I’m only play for a couple of minutes to test things because my heart is still broken and I’m basically homeless.