Instant purchcases taking a week to go thru

Why all of a sudden (and it happened last year as well) are aurum instant purchases no longer instant. Usually I have my aurum within a 1/2 hour, but the last 3 weeks it is taking a week. It’s not the credit card company, I checked with them. They said you guys are not picking up the funds, so I guess Funcom no longer needs money?

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just tested . took me 2 min to get aurum

Really? That is so weird

Apparently it is only on my amex card that they are not collecting. Went thru a whole this with Amex and they explained that they approved it,it’s pending because HIPAY hasn’t picked up the funds. But when I did it on my visa card it went right through. So frustrating.

You could try using the same card through PayPal. I’ve had far fewer problems getting payments processed since switching to them than I ever did when HiPay was the only option for SWL.