Interface functionality on PC in need of pragmatism

Let’s start with the issue itself: my wife hates the interface.

Yes. We play on PC and it drives her crazy that she has to doubleclick to transfer items or even drag and drop, which takes even more time, and makes inventory management and tidying up containers a real pain in the behind.
Then there is the quickslot issue. Again we have to drag and drop items to the slots, which works fine and all, but when I think about it: why not just hover over an item, press a quickslot key and the item goes there?
Then there are those tutorial pictures at crafting stations, which are supposed to tell you how to craft stuff. How should anybody know what the hell that black pile of dung is, that is part of the compost recipe. Right, by hovering over it and look at the… Oh. There is no tooltip. Those tutorial pictures are really fine and I like them very much, they just don’t get the job done if there is no context to the shown items.

So, our proposal: Please add keyboard shortcuts to perform more specific actions in the inventory.

  • Like a button to transfer an item instead of double clicking or drag and drop.
  • Like sending items to specific quickslots by pushing the button instead of drag and drop.
  • Like tooltips for crafting recipes to tell us, what that icon on the tutorial picture actually is.

I really like to play this awesome game together with my wife, who is actually an IT girl and always prefers pragmatic and easy solutions, like, for example, the suggested stuff above.
When I think about it, perhaps it’s not only my wife… I pretty much think she’s just one of many people who would love to have those buttons. Would save a lot of time.

Also, since I am here: auto equipping raw meat or poisonous food on pickup is really, really a bad thing. That’s only one click away from dying a horrible death by food poisoning just because you looted your corpse or something and stuff isn’t where it’s supposed to be.

Thanks for reading and please consider helping those pragmatic people who really just want a fast way to be done with inventory stuff and actually play the game.

My wife decided that the likes the game enough to give some elaborate constructive feedback here: