Internet connection cuts out when using server browser?

I can’t be the only one.
Every time I try to search for my servers (almost every time) the server list crashes and with it the PSN and my whole internet connection. Then I have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes until everything works properly again. And no it’s not my internet connection which is actually pretty good. It’s definitely the conan servers. Every other game works as intended.

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I have the same problem… Always worked fine but now with conan, connection crashes almost on daily basis.

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You can add me to the list. I’m currently writing this message while waiting for my internet to come back. Never experienced this with any other games before.

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I got the same problem!

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Confirmed. Starting Online Mode disconnecting my PSN and crashing my Internet Connection for several Minutes.

What the…?

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Same issue, although the owner of the server and the other person playing have zero issues…strange.

As the title states. EVERY time I try to play online No servers show and it kicks my psn and my internet stops working. It take up to 10 mins for psn / net to reconnect and i still cannot play online.

PS4 pro (2 months old … so still new)
1gb fiber network
Fresh install / rebuild database
cat6 hardwire to ps4

All other games and app work with no problems JUST Conan exiles breaks my internet / PSN.
new topic since i can no longer reply in others . 10 hrs and still no answers but more people have problems. I’ve been through Sony and it’s not on their end. pls get it fixed


Might be stupid question, but have you contacted your ISP? When GTA 5 came out, I had similar issues with it. Tried to go to multiplayer -> internet died :frowning: Everytime. I wanted to contact my ISP to ask them to check how much there was going between their server vs. my internet. Note that my internet was only 100mb/s up and down, not as good as your was. Turned out that my ISP did have some sort of limitations when it came to PS4 internet usage. Don’t ask me what kind of limitations, since I do not have any clue. But basically that caused my internet to die. A lot of traffic -> limitation -> interwebster deaded.

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Try hot spot you console to your phone to see if it still occurs. Then you can eliminate ISP and or Modem.

Thing is it worked day one (not enough servers and they were all full) then they kicked out some patch for crashing later on the 8th or early on the 9th and then boom stopped working. it worked then stopped after they did something so it is on them to fix. i’ve tried everything from sony to isp and nothing… it’s with Funcom and G portal.

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It might be the update but maybe it is because there are alot more servers now.

Got the update this morning 5/16/2018 and still shows 0 (zero) servers and still crashes psn / net. WTF fix it now… its been a ■■■■■■’ week and i still can play.

Same at me. Do u have ur Internet working on TV cable?

same problem since patch

Update and Annoying “Workaround” to play with psn / internet crash issue. SO 2 weeks later and no servers show and all crashes… ok… i done everything with sony and isp but still nada. Now this morning 5/18/2018 i try to play and as usual Crash and shutdown…however this time I do not close the game and turn off ps4…i just wait and keep hitting the play online button and it say “no connected to psn yadda yadda”… but i continue to hit the button until it re connects and when it does BOOM there are the servers and i can log on. However to test this i will try to reproduce this effect to see if it works everytime and will report back. THIS IS NOT A FIX BUT maybe those of us who could not play AT ALL will be able to play some (even if it is a pain in the ass) until a official fix is done.

Edit update. This reproduced the same result twice and on 3rd attempt the list just showed up (no crash) it just took a long time. :joy: . I hope this helps others at least play a bit until all is sorted.

2nd edit update. Sometimes the servers show up after taking these steps HOWEVER the net still crashes just before the game fully loads. So sometimes it works and you get in and other times just a longer wait to crash. good luck and hope it gets a proper fix soon ( This way is a real pain).

Have that problem since release, a friend of mine is also experiencing this.

Try to refresh every 3-5min. It does not occur that often for me if I’m “gentle” when refreshing the server list.

Same thing is still happening to me. It all started when the first patch came out for the game. Only way I can actually get onto servers is if I follow a friend that is already in it.

Cross-posting from the PS4 Parity Patch thread:

Would love to hear if anyone has success with playing with their router’s settings.

Wouldn’t be the right way to do it that you have a single server that knows about all the other servers? Kind of like a dns root? Why do you expect millions of users to change their perfectly fine router settings instead of just fixing this?

If this issue were affecting everyone, we’d be seeing a lot more about this. The fact is that it’s only affecting certain users.

As @Tipsu mentioned earlier in the thread:

A quick search suggests we’re not the only game that occasionally affects certain players’ internet connections. We don’t have control over what kind of ISP/hardware/settings everyone uses, so we’re offering alternatives to see if they help.