Introducing Age of Conan (like) Classes - Alternative ways to play other than Meister Craftsman/Consumer

How about introducing Age of Conan classes and their bonuses to Conan exiles as Class feats ( Picking Alternative feats from crafting or class feats ) ?

Your ideas please. Thanks.

While I think the attribute perk system should get revamped in many ways to create more playstyles I would be against a full implementation of classes like you have them in AoC. CE and AoC are completely different games, not only would it be an insane amount of work to get this working properly but would also most likely make the balance of the game go downhill completely.
AoC plays completely different than CE, you don’t have a dodge system there but combo attacks and rotations of those which in turn you don’t have in CE. And that’s just one single thing that’s different, there are at least 100 more things that make the games pay completely different from each other and make it impossible to simply implement one core design into the other game.

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Another game with a class system? No, thanks.


Would be nice to have combat feats, or more feats other than crafting recipes.
But no, i don’t think that introducing age of conan classes (or any other class systerm) would be benefical.

I would like to see Herald of Xotli transformations added to the game. but this game doesn’t really need classes, it kind of already has classes based on playstyle.

honestly I’ve felt a lot of rpg elements in exiles, but I wouldn’t want a class system, an alternative option would be something along the lines of a “combat skill tree” but it unlocks things like, “ctrl” attacks having different animations or effects, and things like, wielding different weapon combos such as a shield with a 2h spear, offhand one handed weapons or even dual great swords, or a even stranger option, all shields could be made twice as big and offer additional armor but cause the player to dodge as if they have 1 armor weight higher with heavy armor+shield causing the player to simply step to the side and be unable to “roll” or “jump” of course this would all function the same way distributing attributes does so you could have a bit of everything or spec heavily into one type, that’s just my thoughts on it tho

No thanks. I prefer RPG systems with a free progression rather than one that locks you into a class and restricts your options.


Yep, I’m 100% in agreement with @Kapoteeni - anything that restricts player choices is a negative. And I’ve pointed out before how these ideas would destroy singleplayer - the singleplayer has to be able to do everything - we do not have a clan to back us up, we do not have ‘alternate characters’, we have one character and that character has to be able to interact with all aspects of the game, or those aspects of the game are entirely locked away. Any kind of ‘class system’ inevitably involves both specialisation and restriction - you’re good at ‘A’ but can’t do or are bad at ‘B’. That cannot work for singleplayer.

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Arent we allready restricted ?

Everything is crafting.

The only real full functional build attributes are vitality 4-5 (Becasue our character s suck hard at survival + continious lag) ,encumbrance 1-2, strength 3-5 (also suck eventhough anything is based on equipment and still not enough) , grit 2, agility 1-2 ; sometimes swapped with survival 2-3 allready ?

Everything else is just crafted including the armies of bodyguarding npcs followers that babysit our characters (Same set of recipes for all characters) and nothing about the character specialties; nothing about roleplay which has any functionality.

Just to underline this, majority of the older players do Not even play the Original game but play through tens of MODs, just to enjoy the game…300 Levels all attributes unlocked, less encumbrance, Extra damage dealt, less damage taken Not good.

Dear gamers, I am speaking about the original game. Please, people play with all those MODS and then tell no change is required for Conan Exiles ?

a. After thousands of hours playing a game most people like to change it up - that’s not ‘bad’ that’s human

b. the role of a dev team is to design a game that is attractive to as many players as possible - the natural result of this is that the game is unlikely to be ‘perfect’ for the majority, but so long as it is ‘good’ for the majority, that is a success. In order to make a game ‘perfect’ for one group, it will naturally be worse for others - shrinking the player base by specialising in suiting one type of player as much as possible. Mods allow players to tailor their game experience to include features that would be negatives for other players (for example - I quite like many of the ‘cosmetic’ aspects of the game - a friend who also plays hates that stuff and would rather not have it cluttering up his game - so rather than the game being full of cosmetic stuff (to suit players like me) or devoid of cosmetic stuff (to suit players like him) - it has some - and then mods can provide more for those that want it) that is the beauty of mods - they allow the game to more precisely suit the individual players.

And your solution to this is to introduce greater restriction?

And no - not in the way you are suggesting - we are free to choose our stats as we wish - and not all of us choose to play with the declared PVP optimum or whatever that is that you are suggesting as the ‘only real functional build’. Every character I have played has had different attributes and has developed differently, and used different equipment, and interacted in the world in a different way - because I chose differently.

Yes, because, as I have now explained to you three times - solo players and singleplayers NEED access to all elements of the game and cannot rely on a clan mate to do that bit for them - having access to all of the same recipes does not mean that you have to use all of the same recipes - try Dragonbone or Obsidian instead of Star Metal (I didn’t bother gathering any Star Metal in the last 400 hr playthrough I did - because I knew it is not needed and thought it would be more fun to use some of the other endgame gear - player choice, rather than external restriction). There are many paths by which you can progress through the game without having to use the same recipes every time. That is how free choice works - all of the options are made available, and then you choose the ones you want. Limiting that choice is ‘restricting’.

If you lock recipes so that they are only open to certain players, then you destroy singleplayer as a game mode - I really don’t know how many times I have to explain this to you.


Dear DanQuixote.

It seems you are very happy to play the game under the resticitions such as;

Only with a couple of (same) attributes (with anyone else) maxed out,

Cant achieve anything without guarded by an army of npc bodyguards,

Using lots of non offical game MODs to make the game easier

No alternative paths to choose other than crafting another receipt. (and we all know only a few recipts are top when others are useless). None of those are player specialties but crafting receipts and items.

My idea is offering the players alternative ways to play. Where does my post speak about any kind of restriction ? It is just the opposite. It speaks about Powering the Player character up.

Have a nice game dear friend and thanks for the response.

Where does my post speak about any kind of restriction… well you suggest to put classes in and that are a restriction in itself. The way it is now, anyone can be a tank or a damagedealer or whatever. By putting classes in you are restricting people to be good at just one thing. As it is now you can be whatever you like without penalty of being the wrong class

As an alternative to crafting yes. Not taking away other player’s ability to simply roleplay a craftsman.

If someone wishes to keep playing as a craftsman, so be it.

Thanks for the valuable comment.

Note sure what you mean. Do you mean that you have to learn how to repear your sword to be able to repear your sword?
I can be a tank without learning how to build a house or craft a armour. Dont really understand what you mean

Having played AoC since it released just about daily for about 8 years I can honestly say…NO! I love that game and still pop in once in a while but NO. Classes are supper not balanced there and if you think pvp is a mess here just wait to see how bad it will be… And yes, it will restrict players as DanQuixote has stated. Unlike in AoC you only get 1 on a server. In AoC you could have what, 8+ on a server? You could have 1 of every class plus extra actually if you played from day one and got all of the extra slots. Here you get 1. So you are super restricted on what you can/cannot do and what you can/cannot wear/equip. Plus without things like…MAGIC in the game half of the classes would be utterly useless.

Dear Konar

It seems you have trouble reading - I explained in full that I play with different attributes sets with every character

When and where did I ever say that? I have comfortably soloed world bosses, without thralls or followers. I don’t require an entire clan to do everything for me.

Again I explained, in detail, why mods can be regarded as a good thing. Nowhere did I say I felt a need to use them to make my game easier. (In fact, I specifically referred to mods adding ‘cosmetic’ items to the game - you know, things that don’t change game balance at all).

And I explained that freedom of choice allows you to use whatever recipes you choose - you are only limited by your imagination. I even explained an example of not using the standard end game items, but instead choosing a different path. Somehow you interpret this as ‘no alternative path’. If you choose to only play the ‘declared optimum build’ and use only the exact same crafting every time, that is your choice. Don’t assume I feel the need to chose the same.

You have made clear you want a class system (you have also expounded this idea previously - explaining that you wanted someone to play the ‘lord’ others to play the ‘knights’ or ‘adventurers’ others to play the ‘craftsmen’ - I’m guessing you see yourself as a lord or adventurer?) That is not alternative ways to play - that is limitation - it does not give the player more freedom - it locks them for the duration of the game into a single archetype. And as I keep explaining to you over and over again - that would destroy singleplayer as a game mode.

If you want to play a version of the game with a class system - guess what, Mods exist for that too - you are free to enjoy exactly the version of the game that you want without having to destroy (or simply dismiss) an entire game mode, played by real people, who payed real money to play the same real game as you and anyone else.

Same to you pal

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Every game has rules that restrict how you play. Even Calvinball has at least one rule. That doesn’t in any way validate your argument that we should change the nature of the game we’re playing.

You know why? Because Conan Exiles isn’t an RPG. You can choose to RP, if you want. You can even set up your own server where RP is mandatory. But the genre of this game is not RPG, it’s sandbox. In a sandbox game, the emphasis is on giving players as much freedom as possible to play it their way.

Wait, you’re saying that anyone who’s against your idea is someone who plays with mods and settings that you mentioned? I have no idea where you got that.

I absolutely loathe mods like that. I’ve been playing Conan Exiles since its original Early Access. During EA, I played single-player. Since the release, I’ve been playing on official servers. I’ve played a short time on a private server, and I picked that one because it had very few mods and an awesome admin.

So no, you can’t just say “Pfft, anyone who disagrees with me is out of touch.”


I just try to start a brainstorming about alternative ways to play. I really dont understand how come , some of you friends take any of the comments as negative.

Sentences which had not spilled through my mouth are carved out of ’ We allready have restrcitions …players allready use mods just to enjoy the game at different ways’. which are facts.

Nothing negative at my comments about any style or any type of player, yet I keep seeing these type of comments when I was expecting some comments as:

‘Yeah actualy these attrbiutes could unlock new/alternative feats or ’ We could get alternative skills and feats by sacrificng some of crafting feats at alternative character we play, since we also seek new ways to enjoy the game’

“Pfft, anyone who disagrees with me is out of touch.” This really is not what I am telling brother…Heart breaking…and I had allready thanked to all comments and the players’ kindness of taking time to write if you please scroll up.

Nothing negative about any player but just constructive criticism and seeking new ways at Conan exiles game (which I still enjoy the virtual environment and naturally busy with crafting myself at every new game I start)

We all know our virtual characters can not perform fair enough without outer support (Also we all know very well that players have been using MODs to make the game alot easier for themselves)

All I am trying to tell is creating alternative ways and officially Upgrading the basic, Solo performance of the virtual characters.

Anyone who tells he can solo any world boss (or can do anything , anywhere with a solid build (?) without a massive inventory of High grade consumables , High grade Npc thrall/ cat/ mount , Highest grade weapon and armor is simply trolling. (Please, do not)

(+ Damage multiplier Mods downloaded for private servers is not Official, Basic character specialties) Those Crafted items and the Bonuses and the Mods downloaded for empowering them are also not basic character specialties at all. (and that is simply roleplaying a weird craftsman wearing an Ironman suit, continiously consuming boosters and getting full support from npc followers and offgame upgrades)

It should be impossible not to understand what I am telling after stating it this clear. Stay healthy and positive friends.

Okay, so what exactly did you mean? 'Cause from where I’m standing, it looked like you propped up a straw man about older players using mods to make the game easier and then saying it didn’t need any changes. And that’s simply absurd.

As is the following:

No, they’re not trolling. Just because you can’t do it, doesn’t mean nobody can.

True, there are bosses I wouldn’t tackle without special gear or a good spec. But there are many others that I would easily handle in non-epic armor with iron or steel weapons. Hell, I would rather take on the giant spider boss using stone daggers, than take on a corrupted wolf in my best spec with my best gear.

And that’s on official servers, by the way.

Honestly, it’s even more confusing than before. You’re the one who keeps bringing up mods. The rest of us are discussing the base game, as it is on official servers. And I have no idea what you meant by “roleplaying a weird craftsman wearing an Ironman suit”.

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Hello please read this aswell. Taken from another responde at another thread by me. It is at General discussions. I am sure you will find this interesting and true.

I believe soloing the game barenaked without anything [ Conan ] was a joke by you. This is Not solo survival of a virtual adventurer/exile at Conan’s Hyborean age, as advertised. I would also have no problem if the game was introduced as what it really is. How it could be without getting far from Hyborean lore:

Narration: ‘’ You are an exiled Stygian Enchanter/Summoner apprentice wizard who was sent to a parallel universe. Your physical existance is powerless without your Enchanted/Magical arms and armor and your nothing without your Magically Summoned/Enthralled pets. ‘’

We would start the game as a young Stygian wizard and Thoth-Amon himself could wellcome us instead of Conan the barbarian. Thoth-Amon would teach us the ways of crafting magical arms and armors that channels us Set’s blessings; healing through witchcraft and magically enthrall/enchant humans and summon-control animals and the undead through Necromancy , after each level up. [ Becasue the game is this now ]

This introduction would actually fit the actuall gameplay more.

This, is what I am speaking about. Our virtual character is actually not a survivor right noıw. How about introducing alternative virtual characters that can actually survive by their own physical existance and experience instead of ‘magically’ snapping Magical arms and armors or magically enthralling humans, animals, undead and Gods to himself. We allready have the Enchanter/Summoner character version.