Invest in artificial intelligence

You should stop investing in new places … the game is already huge, you should invest in artificial intelligence, it is very weak, the animals and the NPCs, especially the slaves, we could put a better iteligência and better people to existing cities in the game, differentiated NPCs, doing different activities and with their own routines during game day, morning and evening, including populating and making accessible interiors of houses that already exist in cities without having to add new ones, could be even like GTA, load the inside the houses by clicking on the door.

Surely this total lack of intelligence of the elements of the game makes our immersion very poor, I love the game but I would very much like you to invest in it, in fact I keep playing and buying all the DLCs waiting for it, that a moment arrives that the team populate, put intelligence and invest more in the NPCs as background in the news and improvements.

The game needs a shake, something big that brings people back, sometimes I feel abandoned playing alone which is very sad.

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Funcom’s NPC/Thrall AI certainly isn’t worrying anybody that it’s about to usher in Skynet.

If you would like to see this mechanic changed you should post it in the list i am compiling. will be posting their Annual plan for conan exiles fairly soon and i am trying to make all the communities desires easy to locate and give them an idea of what everyone is looking for. The list is growing very rapidly I’d love to have you add this too the list as i too agree that many times the Ai is quite lack luster like animals running into walls constantly as they try to hit you.

Heres the link bro…

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