Irniz of the furnace location

Since the patch on PS4 I’ve farmed the galleon for hours looking for Irniz of the Furnace with no luck and I’m wondering if they’ve changed her spawn point. Anyone have any luck finding her recently? And If So, where? Any help is greatly appreciated.

She’s still on the Black Galleon. There are several potential locations around the Black Galleon though, so you may have just been unfortunately getting her to spawn.

I’ll keep looking. I need to not want her so bad then I’m sure I’ll find her. :slight_smile:

Already wrote it in several other threads: Black hand and mostly Black galleon was for my by far the worst experience, to get a T4 armorer…
I even got Grr way faster than ANY T4 armorer at black galleon. The T4 spawn rate is so bad compared to Set-city or Sinners refuge.
(Currently on the look for Barks-at-Moon near the Hand of the Maker)

Here I got her: When was the last time you saw a T4 armorer?
Was at the top where 1 bearer can spawn (and 1 fix armorer spawn point).

If you look at the Wiki and some screenshots, most are taken from a place which doesnt exist anymore in the game. Or lets say, which isnt a spawn-point anymore.
Here are this screenshots of the location which isnt a spawn-point anymore (scroll down to see the pictures) (2nd picture) (2nd picture) - I am still missing her

So maybe it was easy to get armorers from BG before they revamp. Currently its a nightmare (compared to many other places).

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