Jehungir Horseshoe

Anyone know a good spot where Jehungir Horseshoe spawns besides Black Galleon ?

May I recommend the community wiki:

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I’ve been at Flotsam and Vigil and no armor spawns at all at Flotsam and I have not seen a named armor at all by BG that’s with Vigil included. I am on official so coordinate don’t help me so I was hoping someone that had gotten him lately would have some real advice

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@Mikey advice was a good one though:

As you will notice the chance for him to spawn is about 1%


I farmed the BG the last 2 days, because of the shark bite:

I have >60 boxes of bearers (there are 4 spots). To sum it up: I only saw 1 T4 carpenter (which my thrall insta beheaded) in the whole time. I saw several T4 fighters with also only 1% chance, spawn NEXT TO EACH other (2x Galter of Bossonia and 1x Conchaka of Hyrkania). And the standard fighters you find often there (Bragi and someone else).

I understand that T4s should not spawn that often, but compared to other cities/regions, the Black Galleon is by far the worst.
I can get a T4 (non fighter) in set-city or volcano after 2-3 rounds clearing the spots of working thralls.

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Its just RNG.

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Yeah, thats the reason, that you kill 2-3 alchemist and Sayd Secretkeeper will spawn at the volcano.
Or kill the tanner place (is only one) 3-4 times and Firis Flickertongue will spawn.
Or kill fighters and have T4 fighters. Thats why I have >40 Eriis and others :smiley:

Because its all just “RNG”… :wink:

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Still just RNG. I don’t have time to explain every scenario on why you are seeing the things that you are, but it’s RNG.

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