Is exiles playable again on ps4 after latest patch

Every since chapter 2 aow i cant play first it was no bug fixes then stuff wouldnt load like bases an if i placed a chest or anything it was invisible i had to log out then log back in an i could see it so i tried with first update came out i could no place things if i go to my base of a city it rubber bands so bad i quit again do the newest update help with that at all on ps 4 or should i just give up on that lol :joy:

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We are playing on Exiles map playstation have not gotten further north than savanna at this point it’s ok. @Chaos314699

I still have the ever lasting loading screen. Even after the latest update. I know several tries you can get in. But I didnt have a hour to spare last night.

After latest update legitimate base locations near green walls now no longer have functioning teleporters or summoning circles. Ironically skybase TPs/summoning circles still work fine

Thanks fellas I appreciate the responses gonna stick with my origin plan then lol til they fix the game an put game health ahead of bazzar prices they no longer get my time or money for anything sad to cause me an my wife really love playing conan togther hell i even rented a server to avoid trolls lol but ten cent got in there ear an since then its money over community health maybe ill try back aftee a couple patch thank u guys u guys are great funcom greed over appreciation for players is the problem theyre making there priorities very clear now broke game oh well new cosmetics more money ohh yeah yeah gonna fix that til then more cosmetics more money just cant do that

Hasn’t crashed for me. There seems to be random lag that’ll mess up a fight.

So far i tried twenty mins in the last two updates just roll an it gets a roll rubberband have to log out an back in to fix an thats just from a standing point

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