Is it against the rules to build a floating base on pve server?

I’m asking for a friend who wants to role play as a lord of thunder. He wants to build it just a little bit above the ground so we can be like that one song where we’re building castles in the sky. Just the two of us.

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I would say it is most likely against the rules to build a floating base since it will require using exploit to do so, no matter how pure your motives are, exploits will still be exploits and aren’t tolerated on official server by Funcom :slight_smile:
You can read the TOC here:


if they do it thru the broken mechnics/bug, it will usually get patched, and then entire base will collapse. Thier risk, but if not using third party software and doing building trucks that need to be fixed, it shouldn’t lead to a ban.

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That’s not how it works at all, please don’t give players asking for advice about the rules incorrect information that can get them banned

Like many rules you might get away with breaking them, especially if no one reports, but that doesn’t guarantee you will get away with it

I’d recommend looking for a private server that allows this kind of thing. Just know that if your going to do it in official servers you might get banned for it at some point. It might take a long time, it might never happen, but it’s a risk to be aware of


I think he could use this trick, it technically isn’t a 'floating" base but uses the fence building pieces from the Riders of Hyboria DLC to create the illusion of a floating base.


That’s pretty cool


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