Is it even possible to get ban removed? (permantly)

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Yes i got banned, and i got banned while only playing on one server, which was almost dead (1088) I got permantly banned for “building” outside of an area, but i never did that, what i could be banned for (which would be fair enough) would be to build to many foundations/bases.

I had almost the server for myself, and i claimed (and build) bases alot of places, also big bases which i knew was bannable.

But i never thought about being permantly banned for something i didnt do, so did anyone had any luck with your account being unbanned because of a unfairly ban?



Yes, you can submit a Ban Appeal to the Zendesk.

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Hey man, thx alot exactly what i needed!

It’s possible to have a permanent ban lifted with counter evidence.

A suspension cannot be lifted.

What does the in game message state?

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First time is usually a suspension, not a ban. can be a week or 2.

Self explanatory

Then like you, that wasn’t their first.

My point is quite often when people think they have been banned its just a timeout/suspension.

Yeah despite what Funcom says, that your first violation is 7 days, mine was just over 21. (I cant find the thread where they went into the amount for the second) And my second was just over 30 days, depsite Funcom stating it was less.

Possible it was a ban for the first time? Yup. I dont believe a thing Funcom says or does because their left hand doesnt know what their right hand is doing, because no one is home.

Consider it a blessing in disguise. Official servers are notorious for cheating, bad moderation policies, and horrible lag. If you’re looking for PVE-C, our server (Pandemonium) is the most popular non-RP server: We have been going strong with an absolute free speech policy for about 6 months now, and it’s been great. We don’t ban anyone unless they’re caught cheating. We have both Siptah and Exiled Lands linked together for travel between them. Our servers run on better hardware than other servers, which is probably the main attraction. But if you’re looking for PvP or PvE, check BattleMetrics for servers with a 7777 port. That at least means they’re probably dedicated and run on better hardware than typical shared servers. Best of luck.

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