Is it worth to start right now

I am going to play age of conan again, but I believe tons of player playing on saga server right nowi which will close at 15 may, so is it wise to start in saga server ?

Even if you create a Saga character and don’t make it to 80, your character will still transfer to Crom on May 15.

I have a 80 level character already on crom which is my main. Just I am trying to figure out if is it worth to start in this server or not.

If you are asking about if you can get to 80 and do all the Saga quests for T6 weapons, I can’t answer that, only you know if you can accomplish all that in 2 weeks.

Yes I would say it’s still worth it. Getting T6 weapons and so on is not the only benefit you get from playing on that server, most people are still there right now so your chances are higher that you can get a group for purist dungeons (achievement), the general activity is higher on saga.
You get the saga quest that rewards you with special things for reaching levels and so on and if you actually manage to reach level 80 you get a full T1 set, after that you get a T4 cloak for completing the las destiny quest and after that you just need to do one raidfinder raid to get a T6 necklace.
Doing raids rewards you with 100% more relics if manage to reach level 80.

Also, all rewards you reach (like the T1 armor, T4 cloak, T6 necklace and so on) will be available once in your claims window once the server merges with Crom which means you can these items it on your main character.

Is it worth it? Yes

Do you have time to do it? Only you know how much time you can put into it. You only have a bit over 2 weeks to get it all done.If you can only play an hour here and there, no way you can do it in time. If you can set aside a fair amount of time and level/raid fast, then yes.

If you are planning to start a new character in the next few months for whatever reason, then yes it is worth creating one on Saga for three reasons:
a) a lot of people are still playing there, so you will see activity in chat and zones. You will be able to make new friends more easily there …or better luck in finding old ones.
b) you get a free character slot by creating a Saga of Zath character …it is additional to your current allocation
c) anything you do earn there as part of the Saga quest line that they will duplicate on 15 May will be available in your claims for your current main OR if they already have it …it will sit in claims until you want it on a future character

Welcome back and have fun

The saga server is dead in the water. The majority of the players have completed the quest and retreated back to their preferred main servers. Whether it be Crom or Fury. At this point in time it would be a miracle for a new player to complete the quest. And truth be told you’re better off rolling on one of the main servers.

There’s still a good number of us on Saga and yes you’re right those of us left probably won’t get the Tier raids done, but maybe we didn’t want to any way.

Not so much, nothing is lost by starting on or being on Saga still at this date, come May 15th we all go to Crom and currently the pop on Saga ISN’T at end game as it is on Crom so there’s still a better chance of finding others in your level range on Saga.

If you think you can get to 80 before the saga server ends then it’s probably worth it even if you can’t completely finish the quest. If you at least do one raid finder you get a decent amount of t4 tokens, shards, and t6 necklace and t4 cloak. Then maybe there is a rush at the end of raids to finish the quest line, who knows.