Is necromancer better than demonologist in any aspect?


OP, you need to hotkey your daggamalts. Watching you constantly open your inventory to pop a daggamalt was painful to watch.


How i do that? Add potion to hotkey?

About necro, here is my build

Each of my reapers deals 255 damage per attack and attack and they attack per 2 secs. My Ice Strike deals around 450 damage, that means that each 2 seconds, i can deal 1470 damage(255*4 + 450) with basic attacks, this is much more than i can do with demonologist, and note that my demonologist have access to much better gear. If i add damage over time spells, to my eqquation, can deal almost 2k damage per 2 seconds… Is the necromancer the highest SINGLE target DPS in the game?

Other question. My spell power affects my pets DPS?


You just drag the potion into one of the free slots of your hotbars, there you can click on it to useit or press the assigned hotkey on your keyboard to use it.


That specc was probably the one with the most questionmarks on it within my years in aoc


Why? I have a lot of survivability and can deal a lot of damage. What you din’t liked?

Thanks. I have some free slots on ALT.


Use something like this. If you play with bad tanks and keep pulling, you can put 10 points into general for the hate decreases.


Why would you want survivability in pve? any magic boss that you would pull aggro off will kill you with or without those points. Your safest bet on surviving is doing the mechanics correctly and going for that minus hate.


This isn’t truth. I managed to pass the today’s raid without any problems by using syphon life and potions… Survivability helps a lot. -hate only increases a little the change of not being hit

There are a great problem with Demonologist. I was playing in paikang and trying to kill the last legion in a quest. A soldier resisted 3 fires of gehenna in a row, other time a enemy resisted detonation, hellgate and possession in a row…

With my necro, i don’t have this problem. Each reaper deals 255 damage, 4 of then deals a similar damage to fires of gehena(note that they can fire while i fire DOT spells or ice strike) but without mana cost, deal damage while i an moving or stunned, knocked down, etc and is very unlikely that they will resist 4 pets . Honestly, i like much more demonologist, but some times is frustrating to play as a demo. Mainly when you are victim of CC…

Honestly, i found demonologist more cool. Succubus > Undeads, but unfortunately, play as demonologist is some times frustrating


If it was raid finder you survived then that is not the best indication that you would in most content … those bosses and trash have been majorly nerfed…
And there are other reasons to spec hate decrease if you are playing in groups or raids.
For example a caster at distance who pulls Yaremka away from the “pacify” aoe area in tier two wing one will cause a lot of problems … the boss will enraged if not pacified and the orbs that have to be clicked have a cooldown … so the orb clickers would have to get to the other side and an enraged boss that hits really hard …kills tier two geared tanks if they haven’t bubbled in three hits or so … would need to be dragged off the caster (if he is still alive) and held within the pacify zone until every clicker is at orbs (not as easy as it sounds with the kb that happens as you try to get to them) …and co-ordinate clicking together …and most tier two raids are done without people being in teamspeak/discord/vent…so all of this without voice commands to co-ordinate. Many people use auto-timed scripts that can not be adapted on the fly to cope with a missed pacify…
Ah also, many bosses have a mechanic that second in the aggro list gets an effect on them or takes a lot of damage …designed to be survivable by a tank with heals or their AA feat resolve …but is probably going to kill a caster. (Just thinking of tier 5 kylikki fight this past weekend where three d p s one after the other died in rapid succession when one of the two main tanks died …even though 100% of the time Kylikki was being tanked by the surviving tank)

Re: demo vs necro … as others have said they have different strengths. I find my demo a much faster killer than my new necro …and I put it down to my inexperience with the necro rather than anything specific to the classes.


Honestly, i changed my mind. Necro isn’t better than demo in all cases**. Necro is just LESS GEAR DEPENDENT.** Not that i an having reputation 3 scarlet circle gear, i an not suffering as before. But apparently, gear affects little my pets. That menas that MAYBE a high geared necro can outdps a necro(not sure), is just impression but apparently better gear won’t affect much my PET DPS(not sure)

I tried to search on google and found no information about what increases your pet damage…


Why are you writing this in the forum you are just talking to yourself ignoring all advices you get :thinking:

Watching your specc i can tell that you are not on gonna pull aggro cos your dmg output aint big enough so you are right wasted points on minus hate, but speccing prot randomly is just decreasing your dmg output further. And to what gain? Bypassing a rf mechanic that wont kill you anyway? Seems like you got so carried away killing some solobosses that it clouded you bigtime making your level 80 specc.


I an listening to everyone. I have reseted my demo spec as recomeded here. Despite liking much more electricity than fire and guess what. Everyone here was right. A havoc demonologist is not that powerful. Also, I agree that -hate is important for dungeons and grouping, but my idea with this spec is max survivability and max single target DPS to do faction quests on Khitai, that is my main goal at moment. When i get a decent gear, then i will respec to a better group build.

Note that to complete the last quest in Main Quest, i need to solo elite mobs…

Honestly, talk about grouping was a mistake. I have no experience on it. This is literally my FIRST MMORPG. Always played single player RPGs, never liked much mmorpg but AoC was a exception. No androgynous teenager with oversized swords, no killing 5463463763 times the same mob to level up(you level up more by questing), the main quest was very good, i loved how magic is implemented on AoC and can continue. So, yes, i was wrong about -hate. Considering that a healder will be at my side, i an not only putting myself in risk, but putting the healer of the party and no healer = wipe


Well, gear does help your pet dps. Magic dmg makes them do more dmg (even melee pets). They also get equal hit rating as you have and half of your crit rating and 1/4 of your protection. (Based on 1.05 update notes and cant remember any other changes since that)


The game is a bit deceiving here. It’s not resisted, it’s fizzled.

When you fight some kind of mobs, mostly the corrupted, you may get a debuff that lasts 2 minutes, that gives your spells a 20% fizzle chance.
When you have this debuff, if the spells fizzles, the game will tell you that the target resisted. But it may happen also if you use some abilities like Rest, and it’s much more evident on channeled spells.

The good part is that the fizzled spell does not go on cooldown, and you can “exploit” it on the Demo, casting Wave of Flames non stop… :laughing:


This might not be a spec problem but more of a hitrating problem. In Khitai the mobs have higher levels and therefore have a higher chance to evade / resist, since your gear probably isn’t good right now you got low hitrating.
For HM dungeons you should have ~15% hitrating so for solo mobs in paikang you would need around 10% - 13 to make sure they do not resist a single spell (not counting in any debuffs they might apply to you).



One other question for those who play as demonologist. How do you kill stronger enemies IMMUNE TO ALL Crowd Controls? My demo have much better gear than my necro and much more AA points, but i can’t solo some elite mobs and can’t finish certain raids. For example, Forgotten City on Unchained difficulty. As necro, i easily completed the dungeon, as a demo, i wasn’t able to reduce the third boss health to less than 50%

I don’t know what i need to do against this boss as a demonologist. Thunderclap? Resisted. Wicked bolt? Resisted. Hellgate? Resisted. Detonation? Resisted… I tried to find videos on YT but found no hints about how to deal with this bosses or elite mobs as demo…

Honestly, the “fantasy” of being a “hellmaster” is much more interesting than to be a undead master, but play as demo is very frustrating… I din’t finished the MQ as demo exactly because it…


On my demo on him I used the two debuffing quick/instant casts “shock” and “hellfire stream” (I think it is) and then waves of flame him to death.

Yes he will resist the spells frequently … so you need to be alert for that and switch to next cast. Occasionally I throw in a fire of Gehenna or shockstrike depending on which four hour buff I am running.
The spell resistance is why the two debuffs are good … quick to cast and short cooldowns… and makes him more vulnerable to your magic if feated to put an elemental debuff on your enemies.
Ensure you click the alter he runs to so his cast is interrupted.


Exactly. :wink:

@L0rdVictor If you can’t do this boss on a demo, you’re doing something terribly wrong. :dizzy_face:


I can’t kill on Unchained difficulty. Seriously. On normal difficulty, he is a piece of cake. I can kill him without taking any significant damage and if he din’t resist my CC spells, i can kill this boss without taking any damage.

The main advantage of necro is that i once he is under my DOT(damage over time) spells he will take damage, and even if i can’t put the enemy under my DOT spells, my pets can deal a lot of damage too, be unable to cast spells as a necro(need to run, under silence, etc) isn’t a problem… Honestly, this isn’t the first boss that i have problems(remember, i an talking about forgotten city on unchained difficulty), heimdall doesn’t matter how much i try, i can’t take 50% of his health with demonologist. But my necro with worse gear managed to kill him relatively fast.

Honestly, probably the best way to kill him is as a demo running and using zero time spells, but will take a eternity to kill a stronger boss who can’t be hit by any CC spell…


As @Kwalya suggested, are you clicking on the altars, to stop his cast?
Because if you don’t, it’s normal that you get f***ed pretty fast. :wink:

I mean, most bosses has mechanics that you need to follow.

Now, some classes allows you to avoid them (for example, a ToS can easily bubble and nuke through the big explosions on the last boss of Refugee), but it doesn’t mean that it’s stronger than all the others. :wink: