Is Purge a thing yet?

So, I play SP on PS4 Pro and,
I’ve been reading the forums here and there and seen many issues with the purge being broken on PS4 and was wondering if is had ever worked for anyone?
I see some people have reported a full meter and nothing happening, or a purge warning then nothing…
I on the other hand have never seen my purge meter fill at all! Not even a little.
Despite playing with purge settings at all different settings just to experiment and playing for a while, still nothing at all. Just a permanently empty purge meter…
Is this to be fixed in the 500+ patch?
Are we going to see the 500+ patch before this vacation now that the patch itself has presented a host of new issues?

I managed to get purges on single player, setting purges per day to 24 (one per hour) and purge update to 100 I believe. But take care, it may kick your ■■■!

I’ll give that a shot although I’ve tried something very similar to no avail…
Rather have my ■■■ kicked then nothing at all haha

We have purges on our server 1040 (PC) after the 500 fix.

But remember after that patch you most likely have a huge queue of purges and only a certain amount happens per day. So unless people report it and are actually online when they get purged. You may sit and wait or listen for purges with no result.

My tribe gets a ragular purge not an instant win. Note we are not built high up or in a corner like most people. The endless waves of frost giants gets crazy and the name one with sabers. PS4 official PvP

Hmmm well hopefully the 500 fix thing works for PS4 too…
Probably not so cool if we get purged while not offline during single player though :open_mouth:

Still buggy I am afraid.

Playing on private server with friends, PC, before the patch we are getting 0 purge, after that we have like 4~5.

We have 4 bases at the very different location (1 is at newbie river, 1 is near new asagarth, 1 is near sinkhole and last one is near the buccaneer bay), but the system always choose the same base to purge, and everyones naked.

At least purge is working.

Naked purge? hahaha
Better than no purge I guess…

I’ve built a small base in the central highland area. Maybe that’s another factor to me not seeing any purges as opposed to others too.

Maybe I should try building somewhere different as well.

And that’s why I worried when they announced about releasing purge system like months ago.

If they can’t even deal with regular bugs in games, how are they going to manage all those new features in game?

I bet there will be bug on pet system as well although I think the system is a great idea

Yeh the pet system sounds great on paper but making it actually happen may be biting off more than they can chew.

Or, on flip side, maybe the pet system will work perfectly and nothing else will haha

I got first working purge in more than 300h playing same official server, so it was really cool to have one.

On the other side, purge had no boss, and only about 20 hyenas split into 2 or 3 waves. Also a couple or three of werehyenas. it was a joke (noob river) but better than nothing

We have 4 bases, they keep attacking the one with well-armed thralls, and just ignore other undefended base…

I guess building a pyramid right besides the summoning place really pissed those darfari off…

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