Is that possible to ban those people that ruining other player game experience in official server?

Hi, I’m new player for Conan Exile, me and my friend just purchase it after the free trial.

During free trial, we have a good gaming experience in Conan Exile PVE, after free trial, we decided to find an official server to join. But sadly most of the official server is full of building from other players, we not even can find a good spot to start our clan base.

After that, we found out there’s a new Official Asia PVE server 5028 open during new DLC launch, we join in quickly and find out many newbies like us playing in this server. We are happy with that, and quickly find a new base for ourselves.

Here’s the story
First few days, we have great experience in this game, although we meet some people building around us to fight for resource, but is fair fight because we all are newbies (and it’s actually fun, because we are impress to some player that build a very nice basement and building).

Then my responsible in my clan is to explore the map and find a good spot to build the second clan base, and luckily i got a nice place with good resources and no people building there yet. I have invited my friend came here to farm resources, building basement and catching slave, we really enjoy that a lot.

Today when i woke up, i saw there’s a large base near our clan base (Just in 1 night), and A LOT, REALLY ALOT of pillar around the farming area and blocked us to expand our Base. We never saw this kind of building style during first few days, then when we google it, and we know this is an approach of “Experience” player ( maybe from old server) to conquer the land and avoid people to build there, and GUEST WHAT? His nick name (in Chinese) written “I’m seller that sell slave and all resource”, and he always advertise in chat channel for selling slave and resource for 10 - 20 CNY.

This totally ruining the PVE player experience (at least for us), the new server suppose open for new player to join together and experience the Game environment, but all this “Experience” Player come in and ruin the game experience of new player. we have spend 2 days to build the base and slowly expand, now become full of pillar everywhere around our base, it’s like forcing us move away!

If it’s normal in official server and they wont be ban, i will decide to refund, it’s not suppose the gaming experience i want.


Hey there,

See the Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures for how to report Harassment and Griefing issues.
Be sure to read them yourself before reporting too.

See also: Useful links for methods to report issues.

That’s almost comical, since early access, before ping restrictions, people used to build huge walls around desirable areas and put up signs asking you to go to this link to purchase this area. This was well before decay timers etc, on PVE servers. The little enterprisers are at it again…lol.

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I understand your frustration but sadly Funcom (or which crap company own the game now) will not do anything about it. It is all the same on mostly all officials.


We need more reactivity after a report, less than 2 days. And more stronger actions.

FC come to the server and check in there is really a problem. Undermeshing, spamming land claim, griefing …

If the player or clan do not follow the rules and behave negatively on other players, then :

  • at server restart all buildings, thralls … of the player or all clan members are deleted from the server database. (they need a tool for this).
  • they are all banned for 30 days, on all officials servers.

Next time they will think twice before doing this.


You are able to log and play long enough for someone to ruin your experience? That sounds like a dream come true. I recently discovered this game and holy **** is it a waste of my time. I’ve played on 3 servers and got to lvl 30 or more each time. Now my ping is too high for any of them during peak hours and I am unable to play. I will never play another funcom game again.

that is frustrating. welcome in the world of conan exiles. building a base next to your base is not really forbidden. but still keep in mind even if the chinese do teleport or wallhack or use admin console…there is no help for you. not in the forum :slight_smile: not in the game :slight_smile: the otherwayround if you talk about it you get a post for not following the forum rules :slight_smile: so they change it and then you are the bad guy

is there anything one can do ? i myself have recently started playing and our neighbours built a wall around our whole base!!! with my understanding of Official server rules this is breaking those rules. Land claim abuse and purposely hindering my and my clans gameplay. they even put fences around the top so we cannot climb it either. i have read the server rules and it says how to report by going to my profile…messages…but how the heck do i compose said message?? i just joined the forums today and want to message the powers that be but cannot for the life of me see how to compose a message to them

I remove my previous post

To the community manager.

We as a community we support each other and understand when someone of the community especially new players coming to the game that they need support. If someone reports this kind of behavior from another community member it should be noted and brought up to the people who can do something about it. I know you can’t promise anything but at least give this person your support by telling them you will bring this up to the powers at be.

I think that’s all that is ask from you. Not quoting guidelines. We all know those guidelines to be respectfull to each other but to close another topic regarding abuse on servers and putting These servers come as a free service… is not a way to help a community member.

tks for listening. Lets help each other in the community.

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Hey there,

I’m a community member, not a community manager. I’m sharing the guidelines since I did not see any mention in your post of having reported this issue using the provided method.

The forums itself are not the place to report these issues. It may result in or escalate personal issues, which are prohibited on the forums (see the Conan Exiles Forum - Community Guidelines); accusing others on the forums itself is prohibited, so threads such as this one can not be handled through comments. To keep everything in one place, the report method itself also reflects this.
For further notes regarding the report process, see the official server guidelines linked above.


Ok good to know.

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