Is the huge lag exploits and spkis wll be fix?

Now i come again with this question witch we all ask since December.

The server i play was wipe out buy 4 ppl who use all this exploits we use to be 35 players now server is empty all players have quit.
Time has come that you shod give us a strait answer December has past January has past and again no fix. Servers die one buy one… YouTube is full of videos how to exploit Steam as well Redit as well.
I do see you work hard on adding new things to game, there is no point to have all this modification you have on testlive if servers are unplayable.

Are you gonna do something about the HUGE performance problem that we have? 1000 Pin Servers FPS 4? Spikes evrey 2 min ? Super jump exploit ? Passing through the door ? Looking through the walls ? Spear damage bug ?

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