Is there a Christmas Event guide 2019

Hey all,

do we have any guide for this event?

A lot of new players (and me) are perplexed on this event and what are the “must have things”, and what to do on quests. How to get the most of this event for new players in terms of XP/items.

Could some kind soul please name some loots/missions that are good to repeat and farm for XP or good items regarding this event?

Haven’t dug much into it myself, but I would say that the new Skroogs mission from Santa Leet is great. The boss loot HUD1/3 item is cool, the mission is fun, and on RK2019 it’s a source of solo AXP (on a 20 minutes lockout).

There has been a surprising effort put into the aesthetic aspects of the mission too, which I really appreciate.

Im not sure what mission is new and what is old…

Is this Skroogs mission you meantioned the one where you go to the santas workshop near Bazzit’s?

What kind of HUD’s drop there?

No, it’s new this year. To quote @Saavick:

Ask Santaleet for a mission, and tell him you’ve already rescued his workplace. That should get you a mission at the crashed alien ship in Holes in the Wall. The final boss there is named Skroog and he can drop the list.

The hud item is Skroog’s List, which you can see the stats for here: 180845 New Items

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I didnt even know about that quest, thanks for the tip!