Is there any actual Quality Assurance?

Dear Funcom,

Can we be open and honest with one another for once. It’s clear to others in the community and myself that you aren’t testing your builds before release. I say this not to invoke an attack, but to merely point out that the number of bugs on display within the game thus far are glaring and obvious. It does not take much effort to replicate them, moreover they continue to reappear time and time again with every release.

Is it a staffing issue? is it you need more people testing what is it that we can actually do now to prevent you from harming whats left of this community any further.

No more hotfixes please, no more nerfing and more importantly no more closing threads that are critical of the game. Let’s just put the cards on the table and say what is actually happening and that is you’re actually a small team and don’t have the maturity standards that a AAA game would typically have.

I am fine with that, as a consumer I can work with you more on that point. You spin up Test Client(s) with upcoming releases, fine, i’ll carve out time along with others to test that work out before you release…but you need to aslo be open and commit to that as well.

There is no more competitive advtanage of holding back information and applying progressive disclosure before each minor/major updates. The community numbers speak volumes and the adoption cycles of this particular brand aren’t great, in fact most Game Studios would have abandoned the work by now with numbers you’re attracting.

However, there are a lot of us still sticking it out despite your consitant behaviour at dropping the ball with this product. We will give you the support you need I guess, but you have to stop this crap with “if it compiles, ship it” release management.

The bugs are well known, they are documented so many times that i’ve lost count. Thralls are constantly buggy, healing is broken, there are items in game that have no actual point (food, weapons, resources) and the way you’ve designed certain areas of the map with no loot goals at all says you’ve got no attention to detail beyond what the art team want to create.

Here’s an example. In Siptah there are several loot chests behind skeleton mobs etc. Ok, so player kills them. Whats the goal here… more Dye? fiber? wood?.

Why would a player spend so much time killing mobs to get something they can do passively with less effort.

The loot tables are too generic and obvious. There is no progression goals attached to them and clearly demonstrate that the only effort put into managing them was Math.Random() list selection from a HashSet of loot table(s).

The mobs are just hap hazordly sprayed around the map however the terrain development and artistic direction - great! …won’t fault you for that at all. However, great artwork and 3d mesh doesn’t keep the game goals flowing.

The goop inside the dungeons was supposed to be fixed. Still broken. Who actually Quality Assured this for green light? Nerfing the water skin without advance notice… why…who decided this was bad. Who even decided what the heal system was broken and more importantly if you want to trade down the healing system for some other strategy. Ok… fine. we are listening… but what is the actual strategy? and how does food / water apply here in the meantime. Give the items meaning or simply remove them don’t hoard features for the sake of it. Which is what you’re doing now.

I ran Microsoft .NET for several years and as its Product Manager I can honestly say openly that the level of attention Funcom are applying to this product tells me very clearly and quickly that you are short cutting the QA team. Looking at your companies LinkedIn profiles i count maybe 2-3 titled QA person(s) on staff. I am also guessing they aren’t allocated to the Conan product but are more focused on other titles.

Ok… fine… .like i said, we can actively commit to keep the game alive, but you have to stop with the deflecting or misleading behaviours around the product. Be transaprent and you can maybe earn back some lost faith here as a brand.

Continue to approach this product the way you’ve been doing to date, and simply put it will continue to diminish in returns.

There is a netflix show on the horizon and potentially more renewed interest in the product. Dont’ squander a good thing.

Enough with the bad quality please.

Or no doubt you’ll edit this topic with some Community Guidelines deflection or closure of thread. Which will speak volumes on your commitment if you do.


It’s the Corona virus thing… Has split up game development team and things are getting missed that otherwise wouldn’t.

People seem to be working from home or from isolation.

Just my person opinion though. Have no idea how they’re actually structured. But they talked about this being the case with the console team and why that will be so late… Unable to work together to meet deadlines.

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I guess they have some testing rigs and on these machines none of the issues that everyone (perhaps not every person, i assume that some had it solved), and it only got noticeable when the patch was launched. A massive oversight, but seems to make sense. The fun thing is, if that was launched first at Testlive and then caught by players , it wouldn’t be as problematic. Testilive is meant to catch issues, after all.

i previously wrote a whole paragraph about old bugs and how its probably not QA’s fault but honestly seems like a waste, it wouldn’t do anything positive. I’ll leave it as that.

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This behaviour predates Corona…

To use that now is just an excuse. In fact programming teams across the globe have demonstrated spikes in productivity metrics because of the isolation works for them not agains them. Less meeting overheads, more flexability in coding times etc.


I’ll take your word for it. :slight_smile:

Blaming QA is like blaming a cop for a crime after its committed. QA are the last defense on quality assurance, they are typically natural advocates of the user in nature as persons. No, the blame isn’t at the QA’s feet… its probably further upstream in management. Based on their staffing structures, i’d say they have waaaay under invested in QA.

There is a very top heavy amount of “Art” roles in the structure of Funcom. I saw this with CCP (Eve Online), they stack heavy in the art department but come up short on the engineering and QA front.

Games aren’t just about graphic power, there is something to be said for engineering to commit to the promise an art department makes.


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