Is there no plans to expand on customization?

The character creator and painting still feels unfinished.
There are not enough skin options, everything is brown to dark brown and there are still no fine details like age marks or blemishes.The body hair still does not match what’s on the characters head and the males specifically do not have much chest hair. Also there still is no way to actually change the physique, the bump texture method is very outdated now. It is weird how you can change the size of breast or genitals but not the biceps or torso.
Also the painting feels very limited with just some presets patterns.There does not seem like many choices.

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More customization is an often-requested feature, so I’d assume that Funcom is aware that we’d like to have more character customization options, and it’s likely that they’re also considering whether they have resources to add more. We don’t know if they have any concrete plans for extra options, but I’m sure that if they have the time and the people to do it, they will.

Me, I use the “Better bodies - caveman edition” mod to add body hair to my Exiled people (yes, I don’t think women would feel the need to shave their places in a struggle for survival - in fact, that body hair has its practical uses and evolution left it there for a reason).

And yeah, I’d like different shapes of breasts too - the current size slider looks very unrealistic in the upper end, and the lower end doesn’t flatten the chest. Very muscular women have muscular breasts with little fat tissue, not balloons with some texture.

Scars, pockmarks etc. would also be neat additions, as well as different ages.

There are some mods that add variety, but few of them provide what I’d like. And of course, even they won’t help people on official servers or on consoles.

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