Isle of Siptah endgame grind in regards to PVE servers

If the only way to get named thralls (which you need to craft the best armor) is to do the endgame grind to get 1000 chaos to summon the best surge, and even then only have what looks to be a very slim chance at getting one. Then what is even the point in getting the named thrall? You have already completed the endgame content serval times over in order to farm up 1000 chaos, what is the point in better armor if you already are forced to complete everything in the normal armor just to get a chance at getting a thrall to make the better armor?

In the normal Exiled Lands map, you can get a named armor thrall from the open world camps, and then craft better armor to take on the dungeons or the northern parts of the map.

I understand the advantage in regards to PVP since you are now stronger than your opponent. But I don’t see the same reward for PVE on the Isle of Siptah.


yeah i agree, for pve there really doesnt seem to be a point to be stronger when youve completed all the content already. they need to add some truly difficult end game pve content, with a proper reward loop.

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Yeah, I think there needs to be a timeline or flow chart of progression to straighten out what the game is supposed to do. There are several good systems, but I think there needs to be more organization (or an official explanation) of how they see characters progressing through their content.

For example:
End goal: Level 60 - Legendary/Eldarium Weapon??
Flawless armor to help get Legendary/Eldarium Weapon
T4 Thrall to craft Flawless armor
Decayed Eldarium and ??? essences to summon T4 armorer thrall
T3 Thrall from Wild Surges to craft Exceptional armor to farm Decayed Eldarium and ??? essences
T3 Base to farm materials for top level endgame content
T2 thralls to begin filling base (more efficient farming and production of resources)
T2 Base to produce T3 materials
T1 Base to survive and produce T2 materials
Washed up on the beach

Is this what we’re looking at?

On PvE this step can be easily skipped. That’s okay though.

These are nearly impossible since Wild Surges only spawn T1 crafters. That means only summoned surges can provide T2+. Unless I’m missing something!


I’ve actually gotten a couple of T2 crafting thralls from the Wild Surges. It didn’t happen often, but it did happen.

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Are you sure? I mean I realize my personal sample size is small, but afaik the same is true for everyone on my server.

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I thought so, but maybe I’m not remembering correctly. I do know I filled all crafting stations with T1 before I got my first T2. T1 is way more common.

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On our PVE server one of our members found a T2 smelter from a wildsurge. It’s very very uncommon, server has been running since day 1. We haven’t used the leyshrines cause they are locked for clans so ¯\(ツ)

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I just finished another test on Wild Surges. In single player, I teleported to each Wild Surge to check what came out. After 25 Wild Surges, I did not find one crafting thrall T2 or higher. Every crafting thrall was T1.



Welcome to the game of chance and probability.

The progression on the new map is completely messed up. When I reached the point of being able to grind the best surge, there is no reason for me to do it. I’ve done all the content, and the rewards are not worth the additional effort.

Agreed. There needs to be a reorganization of the economy to smooth out the progression in the game. Fortunately, that’s been noticed, too, and a huge “economy patch” is in the works.

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