Isle of Siptah, rescued thrall will not follow

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Americas
Mods?: Yes
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

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Rescued Darfari Bearer III thrall from cage (Grave of the Leviathan). Thrall would not move after being set to follow. Moved by ‘setting guard’ multiple times to relocate the thrall away from the NPC camp.

Following server reboot, thrall still ignores follow commands and move commands made while set to follow.

Installed Mods:

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Steps to Reproduce:

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  1. rescue thrall from cage using jailer key
  2. set thrall to follow
  3. move away and leave immobile thrall behind
  4. commands to move and witness blatant disobedience as the thrall stands fast…

Additional note: Thrall came out of the cage with two ‘bag’ items labeled as

XX_Unarmed Right
XX_Unarmed Left

in case that is relevant or helpful in identifying the issue.

This is on a fresh install of the server and Siptah.

Yeah rescued thralls on Siptah are broken. The issue resolves after a server restart. Hopefully they fix it in a near update.

sadly, the thrall remained broken following when the restart was scheduled. guess i’ll have to check the settings to verify this as it is supposed to be set to restart every morning my time…

edit: yes, set to restart (and update any install mods) every morning at 6am local time).

Greetings Exile,

Is it possible to give this a shot without using mods? So then we can see if a mod is causing this or not.

Thanks in advance.


Gave it a shot w/o mods

uninstalled mods
rebooted server
relaunched game
commanded thrall to follow
no effect - thrall continues to not respond to commands to follow or move.

Rescued a second thrall, a bearer II this time from the same camp. Same behavior.

By Crom! I am no follower of the meat pit!

Lol, as good a theory as any I suppose. More amusing at least. But then, since both those rescued were Darfari, perhaps they are rebelling because I am NOT a Yoggite.

Either way, a bit disconcerting that this feature is broken so badly. As with the first thrall, the second had the bugged ‘unarmed left/right’ items in their inventory. Also, when they engage nearby mobs, they do not use the weapons they came equipped with (a mace and and axe). A separate issue perhaps?

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Update: this apparently isn’t isolated to rescued thralls. I captured a feral dog pup (first i’d ever seen) and placed it in a small animal pen. I was excited to see it came out as a ‘Greater Feral Dog’.

“Sweet!” I thought…

Until I placed him, commanded him to follow… and realized he was also failing to obey move commands or follow (beyond teleporting when i get beyond the tether distance).

Should I even bother setting up a wheel of pain at this point?!?

Thank you for the detailed answer. I sent the information to our team for them to check. Though I think it’s gonna be hard or maybe even impossible to reproduce as we haven’t heard of this issue recently.

As a last resort, you can try doing a clean install of the game files after removing the mods as mods tend to change the game files and break them.

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This was on a fresh install. Newly rented server. Fresh install of Siptah. New characters.

Also? is affecting captured thralls. The mods installed are ones i’ve used on the exiled lands map, solo siptah, and Savage Wilds maps without issue.


As i am continuing to experience the issue on the server, i stripped out the mods, reinstalled the server, uploaded the ‘saved’ folder, and tried again

Admin spawned a Aesir Sirpa 3.
Same issue

No mods
Siptah map
clean install

I will try one more time from a clean install without uploading the saved folder with the existing characters and progress.

This is, to say the least, frustrating.

Edit: no change

Clean server file install (again)
Install to Siptah Map (again)
Manually change engine.ini to use siptah map (again)
Manually change command line to use siptah map (again)
Launch game (siptah intro plays)
Create a test character
Admin spawn a thrall
Command to follow (thrall assumes statute pose)
Command thrall to move (thrall ignores command)
Move away from thrall (thrall remains immobile)

Additional info: server host is citadel servers. their back end for server admin is a convoluted mess for IoS. it handles normal exiled map okay, but fails completely at helping using other maps a simple process. Thankfully, I only invested in three months. Two remain.

Restoring saves and mods so I and my friends can at least enjoy a follower-less version of Siptah for a few months.


Final update on this topic. I am now attributing the thrall issues encountered to the sub-par controls on the citadel servers, the series of hoops required to get the IoS map even running on the Citadel Server, and the lack of support offered by Citadel Servers.

I migrated the saves to a rented g-portal server, and suddenly, all the thralls behave as expected.
Same map. same saves. same mods. different server host. different server setup controls. different results (better results).

Something in the settings on the server host, or lack of information on how to properly set up the server on their systems, seems to have resulted in the of behaviors. Hopefully this can help with identifying the cause.

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