Isolated decay inside of the base

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE - 1975
Region: South America

INSIDE my base: My altar T3 of Yog disappeared into misteryous decay, and inside my chests room a table that had six chests filled up also disappeared destroying all the chests that were on top, and they were part of my items already arranged, so I lost ALL of certain types of items. I have the prints but there’s no way I can put them here. Unfortunately I will not be able to organize the chests again that way, because you, Funcom, have made changes that no longer make it possible to put one chest above the other aligned.

Why in a room with more than 15 tables, only one fell? The same I ask about the altar, which I placed under my foundation. All in all my bases is ok, everything except described.

But this post is more of an outburst, because I’m pretty sure that nothing is going to be done about my altar, missing chests or the chests do not line up over other chests.
So many new thing is released in the game and bugs of this type still exist, unbelievable.

Thank you Funcom! Thanks for the space where I can use AGAIN to demonstrate my frustration after seeing hours/days lost game.

I’m truly sorry about what happened to you.

One item you mentioned caught my interest, about aligning chests. I’ve found it difficult, but not impossible.

Could you elaborate on what is happening with that?

My English is not so good for detailing. I’ll send you a print that will understand what I can not repeat. If you are able to align as in the image, please teach me how, I have tried several times without result. This began to occur a while ago with the chests, right after the pets update.

No, I cannot reproduce it, you are right.

I can align the bottom chest, the shelf above it and the chest that sits there.

I have never been able to place a chest directly on top of another chest and guess that was a prior feature ? Since you are on an official server, I assume no mods are used.

My alignment process is thus …
Go into first person, crouch, and place the bottom chest.
While in first person and crouched, place the shelf.
Stand, still in first person, place the next chest and a shelf above that.
Place a bed, folded works well, and stand on that to place the next chest (this is where it starts to take time to align).
If I want to go further I put the bed back into inventory and use a large crate for the next set. After placement, I destroy the crate.

That’s as far as I can go, or would want to. It hurts my neck to look up at that angle :roll_eyes:

Thanks for that screenshot, but I fear I am of no help.

I hope you get resolution somehow.

ps: your English seems fine to me :slight_smile:

Yes, I play on the official server since february last year, but before I played on a private server since about the first quarter of 2016 I think.
Thank 90% google about my english =)

What really annoys me the most is the alignment of the chests. Leaves me very frustrated but the items I lost I can recover, the altar I can rebuild and reup, but this hole in my chests room makes me seek… I know that probably nothing is going to be done about, because the funcom has never been very present in problems that I and some friends already had and we reported to the time, we were always “oriented” by some community user and…, just that.

This problem of the decay makes me sad because it has happened twice times before in other bases, once about a week ago and the other about a month, these two times only decay the map room on top of my foundation.

I really love Conan Exiles, but as time goes on I’m getting a lot less in the game because of events like this. I do not feel comfortable playing at an unsupported server with 1X rate.
And this feeling of insecurity little by little day after day I feel more at ease with another producer similar game to have fun. They do not have the perfect global server too, but they provide active ingame support to the players even if it takes a day or two, something that I have never seen or ever heard anyone comment have seen happen on the Conan’s Global Server, it’s really a shame. :disappointed_relieved:

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