It's Just a Prank, Brobarian

On our social medias, we asked what pranks you played on your fellow Exiles. Both enemy and ally! I think the #1 thing you gotta look out for is people stealing your pants…Here are some great ones we got:

“I just steal their cloths and load up their inventory with spoiled meat”

“I used to love loading up all their inventory slots with rocks.”

“As a mod on my own server, I noticed a player who had gotten into one of my temples and stole some personal stuff. So, I got into his house (which he left unlocked) and took back all of my stuff, and filled all of his boxes, nightstands, cupboards, and every container he had with animal poop. That, was a lot of [poo].”

“When I started to make friendship with someone, I used to gift them a brick, obviously a very ancient reliquie of my peoples, as a peace signal :heart:

“I put their clothes and equipped gear in their inventory and sometimes I leave something else from my own”

“I load em down with putrid meat lol”

“I just move everything around. Put the stuff from the tanners in the stove and the stuff from the stove in the furnace and the stuff from the furnace in the carpenters bench etc…”

“Back in the day I gave them a inventory full of stones xD”

“I once put everything into carry weight, nearly overencumbered myself with nothing but cloth hats and dumped them on another player…”

“I did this as soon as I went into the server dog pound on my first day overloaded somebody with stone. LOL”

“Take everything from them,encase them in stone slabs and leave a pick with only one tick of health left until it needs repairing.”

“Too bad its only on pvp i loved doing that on pure pve servers when someone left their house unfinished i entered stole everything and the put rotten meat like 2k in inventory ore i would switch their iron grinding tools with stone tools everyday they left their body unsecured i even had one person asking me why is this bug happening and everyday his tools downgrade to stone items and i sed that it was the cindarela bug after 00:00 midnight the items turned into stone items so he played 3 days straight and avoided afk so that it does not happen again i just didnt had the heart to tell him.”

“Dragged their body to a different room. Destroyed the doors and put up walls when I was done”

“i used to break into peoples homes in a red and white fur armour and leave people gifts.”

" When my clanmate was offline I’d load his sleeping body with stone to 99%. So once he got on and set off out, he’d be encumbered as soon as he picked up anything…"

" I forced my way into a players base that was built over a river of lava and destroyed a couple of tiles around his resting body and bed. As soon as he wakes up he plunges into the lava before he realizes what’s happened."

“I usually have a ton of fish traps going for food, oil, and ichor. This usually means having quite a bit of excess Putrid Meat, and since they nerfed the ichor output of Putrid Meat in the Press…well you get the idea”

“Used to leave male dancers nude in their rooms, and put the slooty dancer cloths on them”

“I remove their pants and put crabs in their inventory”

“Broke in to a base and killed every one except one. Filled his inventory whit corpse parts.”

“Our teammate likes to hang in doorways like a chandelier with his pants off. So when we open the door we get a “little” suprise… we now call him Dondelier.”

“Filled a tribe mates bedroom/logout room with naked men…he got a shock when he logged in”

“I put dung in fish traps. One dung per slot or sticks if i do not have dung”

“Steal pants. Nothing else, only pants”

“I like to leave animal dung everywhere. Anything open gets a stack if not completely filled.”

“I’ve admin spawned in 100 rabbits inside a player’s base.”

“Best prank is putting dlc armor on them and knowing they can’t fix it cause they don’t have it hahaha”

" Placing an explosive next to their head and taking a screenshot for them so they know how badly I killed them😊"

“I have my own server on the Xbox one and one clan decided not to follow the rules and didn’t use common sense. Rather then killing them I and a clan members of my own dyed their armor light magenta as well and filled their inventories with more light magenta.”

“I like to sneak into bases and blow the horn. Especially those who feel they are well defended - anti climbs, thralls etc.
I also fill boxes with fish if I don’t feel like stealing anything but want them to know I was there.”

Do you have any good pranks? Or stories where you’ve pulled one? Or maybe one pulled on you? We wanna hear 'em!


When I find a friend passed out in my base, I like to make certain they’re comfy. A pillow under the head, some silk screens for privacy, an awning to keep the sun off, and maybe some incense and a side table with a decanter and a mug. Naturally, a few attractive entertainers should be on hand to greet them when they wake up.


The best laughs I have is dying ppl armor in pink and seeing their reaction on chat once they log in :stuck_out_tongue:


My favorite mean spirited prank is leaving vapor mines near clan mates beds so as they spawn in they have a good chance of gassing themselves. The icing on the cake is hearing them rage in party about dying in a heated fight only to spawn in back at base to rage even more.

A variant of this is blowing into an enemy thrall wheel base from the ceiling, not loot anything and then leaving bombs behind the entrance door for enemies to trip on when they come to check out their wheel. 15 minutes later a loud boom, a fresh set of gear and hate-mail.

Lastly, spamming fish trophies all over bases in every odd place imaginable.

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In PvE, my clanmate built a so-called “Duplication Glitch Tower” and heaped crates, chests and the like around it as if to indicate a vast spoil of riches. However, it is actually a pitcher plant: once you hop in, it’s not possible to climb out. The only exodus is dying on the palisades and spiked fences obscured within. A just reward for those looking to exploit. :joy:

The funny thing is, he’s been giving away legendaries, steel reinforcements, etc. as a way of “selling” its authenticity. It’s been pretty funny.


I hatched about 20 assorted coloured duckbills and named them all Xeroy. Xeroy was also a player on my server.

Well one day Xeroy found my flock of Xeroys… this was a private server and Xeroy has admin powers.

So seconds after their discovery I’m wooshed and teleported to my flock across the map.

Xeroy asks me what the hell this is and I respond in chat “A Flock of Xeroys appeared!”. (Our server had a max pet rule. I received a warning after all this)

Xeroy then proceeds to fire an arrow at me while surrounded by the assorted Duckbills.

Then decides to continue on his run as all 20 or so duckbill aggro at Xeroy because of that arrow.

Unfortunately he ran away fast enough before he could get swarmed by angry duckbills. It was not meant to be… but it would have been glorious.


I have my own server. With Pippi’s mod installed.

I made a single kit, named starter kit, listing a single wood stick, a single rock, a single cooked unappetizing fish, a single piece of coal, a severed arm and the shrugg emote learning item.

And one of the messages periodically appearing in the chat box is advertising “Claim your free starter kit now ! Type /kit starterkit !”


The best prank I’ve seen it was for a guy who logged off in the middle of an open space wearing starter pants and nothing else: a clan placed a carpet near him under a tent, a table with 2-3 ale keg on it and all around him a tons of flagons, finally they placed a Wooden Signpost saying: “Do not disturb: I’m drunk” :laughing:


When pets were new, I placed a sabretooth in front of a sleeping player char in my base. Unfortunately I was not online when she logged in…

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Yeah i do that aswell, fun time everytime^^

The other fun thing is fill some unconsious random body with stone, like a LOT of stone, sure it’s helpfull, but will he walk for his house ? xD

May i say i love this post btw ?


New clan started on the official pvp server that myself and a couple of friends were on. I gave them a few days then went looking for their base. They had built in a very high and inaccessible place. Lots of climbing needed though they’d use elevators and then take them up when they logged off.

Apparently they thought it was safe enough that they hadn’t enclosed anything and all three of them were camped out right in the open. They even had a couple of named crafting thralls in the stations.

I could have taken it all but instead I left a stack of 10 honey in each of their inventories. The next night I went back and left them each a stack of 9 honey, then 8, then 7. At 7 I think they realized it was a countdown cause they went into overdrive closing up and fortifying that base. Never made it past a stack of 6 as they got 'er done.

Saw a clan build an open shack over a T1 Yog pit with elevator directly over the pit back when you’d fall through the wooden elevator base. Just across the Yog pit trap they put a box with a sign over it that read Free Cookies. No idea how many they got in total but I personally saw the cussing from two in global.


I like to load peoples bases or bodies with dung. I like just dropping poop on peoples door steps.

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I got a second King Scorpion, named him “Morning, Sunshine!”, and I put it in a clan mate’s bedroom. He had been gone for a week, and we didn’t tell him about the update.

When he logged in, He panicked and asked if we were getting a purge.


My scorpion mate went into another guy’s house and put a peg leg and hook hand on his dancer. It was two weeks before the guy noticed.

He also, built the pirate tent on the roof, and the poles went so far into the bedroom, the guy couldn’t get out.

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…four walls, a roof and a sturdy door around them, a conviction for “illegal sleeping on the premises”, a big guy called Brutus the Brutal outside the door…

Oh. Not what you were going for. Well, I know what you mean. When the server had serious issues a few months back, it had a “dead zone” near my base, which meant that anyone porting into the Sepermeru obelisk kinda got caught in lag and usually ended up disconnecting or just logging off (it’s a PvE server so there’s little risk).

When I logged on the next day, there were a number of sleeping players in the desert outside or near my base. I ran around placing tents above them. No-one ever commented on it, but it was a fun little “twist of the tail” on the whole “omg the server is dying!” apocalypse of the night before.

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