It's time to change something!

You know it’s is funny but I recently return to the game. Before I got just 4 DLC in my steam account, at 29 September I bought all DLC’s for Conana Exile even the “piece of siptah” only because the stromglass building set. I don’t want to play siptah island at all. + I bought 1200 Crom coins to activate the battle pass. I made all this purchase only because I wanted to try something new in the game I wanted to build a big city in the north so I started to build and got about 32000 blocks wall with thralls in this day’s, I spend hours for building.
With many NEW Thralls on the walls with gear and yesterday they are all gone. I understand that the only duty for the pll who are crying for rollback is to login once a weak and rest thir timers! But many ppl did much in these 3 days and if other part of palayer’s do not want to understand us why should we undersend and suport your problems.

It is a fact that Funcom just forgot that we all live in world with laws that protect costumers and as a customers we have rights and as customers we can just sue them in the court if Fancom thinks that all that we lost in the game “has no value” we will defend our right “That it has” in the court and show them that they are not right.
I urge you to create a precedent so that this becomes an example for all game developers that you cannot wipe your feet on the players and do everything they want with impunity!

I am sure that among all those who suffered there are good lawyers who still remember what the law and justice are. Together we will be able to defend what we have been unfairly taken away.

Sign the petition - Petition · Sue Fancom for moral and material damage! ·

I don’t know how much success we will have with this petition, But I am pretty sure of on thing at least what we can do is to sign it.
Because if we will not sign it. This would mean only one thing that we would have no right in the future co complain of any issue that Funcom will do to us even if it will delete all characters and all servers will be “accidentally wiped”. So then this will happen I want that all of us just to remember we all allowed it to happen and then it won’t be their fault!

Is this a off season April fools joke ?

You are away that legally Funcom could shutdown all servers tomorrow and you could not do anything about it.

From the terms of service

“Conan Exiles does not offer MMO-Like in-game support, and as such we won’t be able to refund or return any loss of materials, inventories or any kind of in-game property caused by admin intervention, infractions or other losses caused by gameplay.”

So good luck to your soldier

LMAO…Thank you, I needed a good laugh. :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: