Ive died twice too hunger offline

I have died twice to hunger like an hr after i get off for the night ive lost alot of decent loot from it ive emailed funcom and still nothing so if the devs see this a response would be awesome

If you are experiencing this problem, I would suggest to log off naked and with empty inventory and quickbar, and near your respawn point. It’s the most effective way to not lose anything you value during your offline time.


I have never died due to hunger but for along time did what @Archivist mentioned and stowed gear in a chest to play it safe. @Goughm96 Welcome to the Forum. Just so you know Funcom can’t reimburse your items.

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It’s got absolutely nothing to do about Funcom caring or not, they provide free of charge official servers, you want them to pay for staff to constantly going through cases and reimburse where people lost some items because of a glitch?


It’s not even clear whether this is a glitch. For all I know, it could be a simple case of being logged out with no shelter and with low food meter, or something like that.


This could very well be it, many don’t check their stats, temperature and shelter before logging out, I always do, and haven’t died in many years from the environment after having logged out :slight_smile:


Would not call it free of charge with DLC’s, Battle Passes, and Bazaar income. Imagine a car salesman giving you a free car, but charging you twice as much for the keys.

So you cannot play the game on official servers without having bought any DLC’s, Battlepass and Bazaar items?

With your car analogy the official servers would probably be closer to the car salesman providing roads to drive on without further cost, not that this is a fair comparison either :wink:


Lol i assure you i was home in my base and even if you’re correct you know theres a 600 sec unconscious timer so lets do some math here thats 10mins even if i left my player in the middle of nowhere with 700 health you physically can’t die from hunger unless it doesnt log you out and idk about you but its kinda hard to run game with the xbox turned off sooooo explain that sir one this game is absolutely riddled with glitches bugs and funcom doesnt care lol

Did you come here for help, or just to complain?

You’re most likely experiencing temperature death, not hunger. Your body remains in the world when you log out, and if you were near a furnace/cooking fire/fireplace then you can get heat stroke while offline.


That unconscious timer does not mean what you think it means. That’s the server setting that controls how long a knocked out NPC will stay unconscious before getting up again.

As @Jimbo pointed out, your body remains in the world and is subject to several kinds of effects, like temperature, hunger, and thirst. There are settings that can reduce (or increase) the hunger and thirst for logged out players, but on official servers those multipliers are set to 1x.

Yes, you can. I’ve died from hunger while offline before. You think I’m pulling this stuff out of my ass? :smiley:

Um. Do you know what “offline” means? Because either you don’t, or you’re using it wrong.

When you say “offline” and “log you out”, you’re implying that you’re playing online, i.e. on a server. If that’s so, then you need to understand that the server doesn’t care if your Xbox is on or off. As long as the server is up, it runs its end of the game, and that includes keeping track of the logged out characters. (This is a bit of a simplification, but I really don’t want to go into details of AI LOD and catch-up logic with you.)

If, on the other hand, you’re playing a single-player game and are just misusing the word “offline”, then this would actually be a bug, since your Xbox would indeed stop running the game when you turn it off. However, in that case it should be trivial to admin-spawn the stuff you lost and keep playing merrily.

PS: Please use some punctuation once in a while. I’m trying to help here, but it’s hard to parse what you wrote.

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Again not close to a furnace or fire and server logs tell me i died of hunger over an hr after i got off but go ahead and tell me im a bad player i enjoy it and on top of that i had redeemed silent legion armor and the first time it happened to me i was wearing arena champions armor which does an insane amount of environmental protection furnaces are no where near

I don’t think anyone here is saying that

When you’re turning your xbox off, are you quitting the game to main menu first? If you don’t, the Xbox Series X keeps the game running, even when the console is off. This is a feature of the console, not a bug of the game.


Ill reiterate and then eliminate the confusion cus it seems like a few of you are blaming me. I am on a xbox one x not the series x. Im playing on offical server 2880 pve conflict level 60. I left the server at approximately 2am hunger meter and thirst meter full i got back on earlier today i was dead. So i checked the server logs says i died from HUNGER at 3 42 am then all my stuff decayed at like 4 40 am this the second time. The first time exact same circumstances ever sense the update

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You never mentioned what console you were on, so it’s not reiterating if you’re not even iterating in the first place. If you think people trying to troubleshoot and figure out what happened is people blaming you, maybe you should just stick to google for problems


What you need is a preservation box with a glowing stick inside for light and a turkey sandwich. I know that keeps me from dying of hunger when I go “offline” for the night. :wink:


TBH stuff like that just happens sometimes :man_facepalming:

I had this base in the Volcano that was horrible with the heat, but I always idled / logged off in the same hallway that was safe. In Redeemed armor I was safe anywhere in the base, even right next to furnaces.

Then one night me and my mate log out in the safe hallway in Redeemed armor and 5 minutes after server reset we both die due to temperature changes.

It’s just the way it is sometimes lol.

Log off naked :slight_smile:

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I would not trust the server event log a few days ago we had a purge didn’t mention the six followers we had been killed other than loot bags that had decayed. My guess is the majority of people posting here are more interested in helping than beating you up. You have to understand these types of posts happens weekly or daily and most folks just want more information so they can help. There has been some with out much more than I died and foot stomping no one can help with that amount of information not accusing you of that. May the Force be with you. @Goughm96

Honestly, this has been a bug for awhile that comes and goes. I had it happen to me a few times, and ever since, I just put everything in a chest before I log off. Been doing that for 5 years now.

I have accepted the fact that there are some bugs Funcom is unable to fix and like everyone else, just work around them.

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