Journey Steps still containing misinformation…

I’ve been noticing some more mislabeled journey steps that have yet to get a patch. One for sure is the dismantler on siptah. It says to put plant fiber into the grinder to make spices. This is incorrect, as it only makes spices with seeds. Unfortunately, neither seeds nor plant fiber completes this and it’s stuck unfinished.

Meanwhile the armorer steps say to put hide into the dryer, despite referring to the tanner. I suspect this was a copy/paste issue from the dryer tutorial and was never fixed. The armorer steps, however, do complete when using the tanner.

FYI: Plant fiber and seeds are both valid recipes in the grinder.
10 plant fiber = 1 spice


I dropped in at least 10. Maybe not. I’ll double check though. Never considered this.

You’re right. It did work, but the journey still didn’t unlock. :expressionless:

Try throwing it on the ground and picking it up? I know I did that several times during journeys that didn’t credit me for pulling from a container they were crafted in.

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Odd solution, but I’ll try it and follow up. Thanks

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