Just a tip for the game!


Hello. I don’t know if this is the right place to say this, but I wanted to bring light to something that it’s going by unnoticed. In the trailers of the game it’s not being unannounced that the game it’s multiplayer, and I think that in this days that it’s a very important fact, since the most played games are all multiplayers.

I’m saying this because I work with marketing, not that I’m THE man of marketing, and not that the game marketing isn’t good, but I think this is something to bring in to consideration. I hope this helps, because I like the game a lot and hope that you sell millions of copies!

Thanks for your attention.


Its kind of hard to follow your double negative. “Unannounced” as in taking back what is being announced? The game has both multiplayer and singleplayer options. There’s nothing that needs ‘unannouncing’.


Conan Exiles is going to be Funcom’s one of the biggest success till date. I am so much hyped about the release couldn’t wait to play it :star_struck:


It was a typo. I meant to say that it’s not being announced as a multiplayer game.


When I first discovered Conan Exiles, I heard that it was multiplayer. I avoided it because it sounded too much like a co-op shooter style game. After reading more details, I learned that there was options of solo, co-op. PvE. and PvP. That interested me. While multiplayer seems like a popular mode, I am not convinced that it is. It may be good to mention the different modes.


Ofcourse bro! Such games are generally played solo. I am wondering if there is a beta-test program so we can get a chance to play Conan Exiles ahead of time. Really HYPED!